You also have to air the lawn: the best scarifiers in the test

You also have to air the lawn: the best scarifiers in the test

If you want to know what criteria you should use to buy a scarifier, then you have to think about the requirements you have. The type of scarifier, whether electric, petrol or manual, depends on the size of the lawn you want to scarify and how often you want to use your scarifier. With a small lawn, a hand scarifier can do better work, but with a medium to large area this operation is very tedious. You can also orientate yourself on the type of work performed. There are scarifiers that scratch the ground or those that work like a rake. Assess yourself – are you a hobby gardener or a professional? Do you need a scarifier with a lot of engine power because you have to fight through heavily mossy lawns?

Other important criteria are working width, working depth and the tank filling. The working depth indicates the distance between the extreme left and right blades. The higher the working width, the fewer lanes you have to make to fully work the lawn. The common widths are from 30 to 50 centimeters, most standard scarifiers have a working width from 35 to 38 centimeters. If you have a small or medium-sized lawn to work on, a width of 30 centimeters is sufficient. From a size of approximately 600 square meters, a width of 50 centimeters is worthwhile. Smaller scarifiers, however, are easier to maneuver, which is particularly important if there are many obstacles on your lawn, such as bushes or trees. In addition, the size of your storage space is also a decision criterion when choosing the working width.

The working depth indicates how deep the roller with the blades penetrates into the ground. If your floor is heavily mossy, the setting should be made a little lower, if there is mainly lawn felt, it should be a little higher. The setting of two or at most three millimeters is recommended here. You can find a more detailed explanation in the section “How do I scarify properly?”

A normal scarifier tank holds two to three liters of petrol. There are of course larger and smaller tanks, but the standard size mentioned is suitable for use. A scarifier is filled with super, which you can easily get at the nearest petrol station. Either fill up completely or have one or two canisters in reserve. A funnel is recommended so that the petrol can be filled in cleanly.

All of these can be clues when you are considering what to look for.

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