What is the best baby thermometer?

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Taking a child’s temperature remains the most reliable data for knowing their health. Among the many baby thermometers available on the market, Girodmedical helps you choose the right thermometer for your child. There are several types of instruments for taking temperature, which can be used on different parts of the body. Taking into account the advantages and constraints of each, one may wonder which thermometer to choose for your baby ?

What method should you take to take your child’s temperature?

Although taking a child’s temperature is the most reliable data for knowing their health, the operation can be complicated depending on the age of the child. A young child will tend to move in all directions. To make it easier to take the temperature, many models of thermometers are now available for sale. Depending on the tool you use, the result will be more or less reliable and you will have to add or remove a few degrees to get the most accurate information.

The comfort of using the baby thermometer is also very important. We know that it can be complicated to ask a child not to move while taking a temperature.

But then, what does taking the temperature at the different taking points consist of? What is the best method?

Infant temperature: rectal intake

This method is recognized as being the most reliable, it allows to take the temperature very precisely. However, it does cause some discomfort. It is recommended to use it on infants under 2 years of age. Thereafter, it is better to switch to a less troublesome technique, with a baby thermometer with frontal or auricular grip. After each use, it is advisable to disinfect it with alcohol to avoid bacteria transfers.
Its advantage? It is inexpensive.

Normal variation: 36.6 ° C to 38.0 ° C

Temperature of a young child: ear plug

You can also measure your child’s temperature by ear. It is a practical, fast and hygienic technique. The baby ear thermometer gives you a very precise and reliable measurement. Attention: a too large tip or an otitis can distort the result, it requires a certain know-how. For impeccable hygiene, take disposable tips.

thermoscan 7

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 ear thermometer

GirodMedical offers you the Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 its use is simple and reliable. To start, you must press the button, then gently insert the device into your child’s ear canal, which may be asleep. The result will be displayed on the large LCD screen for optimal reading.

However, for optimal results, you can use patented age precision technology. You must select your child’s age and then take their temperature. The color-coded display of the thermoscan 7 IRT6520, will help you to interpret the results and according to its age.

Normal variation: 35.8 ° C to 38.0 ° C

Child temperature: oral intake

This technique is recommended from 5 years, younger, children have some difficulty in keeping the thermometer under the tongue. Its use is simple, you just need to place the thermometer under your child’s tongue, at the back of the mouth. Make sure his mouth is closed tightly for best results. It is preferable to take the measurement at a distance from meals and from taking cold or hot drinks to avoid obtaining false values.

electronic-teat-beurer-by-20 thermometer

Beurer BY 20 Electronic Pacifier Thermometer

However, it is possible to use this method in very young children. To facilitate the taking of oral temperature in infants, GirodMedical offers you the electronic pacifier thermometer Beurer BY 20. It allows you to carry out the least possible manipulations and does not disturb your baby, who uses it like a traditional pacifier. This model is extremely easy to use, an audible signal indicates when the plug is finished. This baby thermometer is to be disinfected after each use.
It is preferable to add 0.5 degree to the result for it to be optimal.

Normal variation: 35.5 ° C to 37.5 ° C

Baby temperature: axillary grip

Taking the measurement under the armpits is considered the least reliable technique. It is not very precise due to its external estimation at the level of the skin. The results can be biased by external elements, such as the ambient temperature, perspiration … You still have the possibility of raising the baby temperature under the armpit. But we advise you not to trust only this one and to use another method in order to specify the results.
This method is recommended when regular monitoring is necessary to avoid irritation of the anal mucosa.

Normal variation: 36.5 ° C to 37.5 ° C

Baby temperature: front socket

The last technique is taking the temperature on your child’s forehead. You get the exact values ​​in seconds without waking your baby. It is preferable to repeat the operation several times in order to be sure that the measurement has been carried out correctly. Certain criteria must be respected. You must position the baby front thermometer as indicated in the operating instructions for your device.

This method is fast, practical and hygienic. The device does not enter not in contact with the skin, it is not necessary to clean it with each use. This method is very useful for doctors, during their consultations, to avoid the spread of microbes.

forehead thermometer

Braun NTF3000 non-contact and forehead thermometer

Girodmedical offers you the Braun NTF3000 non-contact and forehead thermometer. This non-contact forehead thermometer is ideal for taking your child’s temperature. Its silent mode and its backlight at night allows you to take the temperature of your baby when he sleeps.

Normal variation: 35.8 ° C to 37.8 ° C

What type of baby thermometer to choose?

Depending on the temperature measurement methods, the baby thermometer will not be the same. Their characteristics diverge and may more or less suit you. What is the best baby thermometer ?

Gallium baby thermometer

The Gallium glass thermometer poses no health risk, unlike that of mercury, which has been banned from sale since 1999.
Its main advantage is to offer excellent reliability. You can use it in different ways: at the buccal, axillary or rectal level, this last method is the most recommended. The disadvantage is its difficulty of use. Unlike electronic models, it does not have a beep that helps you determine the temperature measurement time or fever indicator. It can also be more difficult to read, due to the small size of the numbers on the scale.

Baby digital thermometer

The digital baby thermometer can be used for taking oral, axillary or rectal temperature. It allows you to adapt the method to your child and his age. It is relatively easy to handle. After switching on the device, you must place it in the desired area and wait for the beep. The results are clearly visible on a liquid crystal display. To learn more about this type of thermometers, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated tousing the digital thermometer.

FT 09

Beurer FT 09 thermometer

Girodmedical offers the Beurer FT 09 digital thermometer. Easy to use and waterproof, this digital thermometer is ideal for taking your child’s temperature.

Baby infrared thermometer

New technologies have allowed new models to appear: contactless thermometers. The baby infrared thermometer is intended for the frontal and auricular methods. This measurement is appreciated because it allows you to take your child’s temperature without complications. To use the front-end mode, simply direct the infant thermometer towards your child’s forehead. For reliable results, it should be placed less than 15 cm from the skin. In ear mode, place the device in your child’s ear canal for a few seconds. This device format allows you to be able to transport it and use it in all circumstances. This model can be multifunctional by offering both frontal and ear mode. You have two devices in one.

To guarantee the well-being of your child, you must check the temperature of his room, his bath, his bottle. There are infrared baby thermometers which allow you to do this through their parts, objects and body functions.

In addition, these baby thermometers are generally equipped with many functions that facilitate measurement, such as the screen backlight, fever indicators or internal memory.

All these advantages make digital baby thermometers models chosen by many parents. beurer-ft-90-infrared-contactless-medical-thermometer

Beurer FT 90 non-contact thermometer

GirodMedical particularly advises you on Beurer FT 90 non-contact medical thermometer, ideal for young parents. It allows you to measure the temperature of children without touching them. Its backlit screen allows you to use it in the dark, when baby is sleeping, without waking him. This model is also designed to check the ambient temperature and that of objects, such as the bottle. Its memory stores up to 60 measurements for easy monitoring. Finally, it has fever and end-of-measurement indicators.

They trusted us : baby butter thermometer

To learn more about how the device works remotely, read our article on the best infrared thermometers !

In conclusion, we cannot say that there is a perfect model of baby thermometer. In order for the measurement to be as reliable as possible, certain criteria must be respected. It all depends on the age of your child and the conditions under which you take the temperature measurement. Your choice will also depend on the characteristics you are looking for in terms of ease of handling and use in general.

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