What is a heating blanket for?

What is a heating blanket for?

What is a heating blanket?

Ideal for improving the quality of sleep, electric blanket is bedding equipment that emits controlled heat. It keeps you warm all night long without increasing your energy expenditure. In addition, it helps limit the ecological impact of your home.

What are the advantages of the electric blanket?

In addition to being comfortable eco-friendly, the electric blanket for bed has many psychological and physical benefits.

  • Electric blankets cost less than central heating.
  • They relieve pain associated with arthritis and sciatica.
  • They help you sleep better
  • Blankets help regulate sleep
  • They boost your mood
  • They allow you to preheat the bed before sliding into it

How to use a heating blanket?

All the covers work on sector. Just plug in the plug and adjust the heat using the remote control. In just a few minutes, your blanket reaches a gentle warmth. You just have to wrap yourself in it and voila!


  • Disconnect the contact plug from the electrical outlet to wash your blanket (most blankets are washable)
  • Do not put any object on it when it is working
  • Do not use other heating objects such as hot water bottles, heating pads, etc.
  • Do not switch on when folded
  • Do not use when wet
  • Do not use it on an animal

When to use a heating blanket?

electric blanket 1

There are several cases in which you can use the electric blanket especially :

  • To warm your bed before you slip into it
  • To serve as a blanket while you sleep
  • To relieve your joint pain
  • To comfort you when you feel wacky
  • To relax and unwind

How to choose a heating blanket?

To choose your electric heating blanket, you must take into account the following criteria:

  • Dimensions: you must choose if the blanket will be used by one person or two.
  • Weight: be sure to choose a cover that is not too heavy.
  • The material: several materials are available. You will find woolen blankets, in polyester fibers or in polar fiber.
  • The power: you have to take into account the power of the cover. Most models of electric blankets for bed have a power between 100 and 160 Watts. The larger the coverage area, the higher the power should be. High power guarantees rapid heating of the blanket. Some cover models have several power levels.
  • Security: most electric blankets have a security system to prevent the cover from overheating. Also check that the cover meets the security requirements and standards in force, including the NF EN 60299 standard.
  • Cover options: some models of electric blankets have functions such as zone-adjustable heating or a light display.
  • Maintenance: prefer a cover with a detachable control box and a machine-washable textile material. Even if it is not recommended to wash your electric blanket too often.
  • The price: the purchase of a electric heating blanket may seem like a small investment. But compared to your heating bill, it’s a very good investment. The price of the electric blanket is variable depending on the quality and size of the product. It can range from 20 to 120 €.

How to maintain a heating blanket?

Discover our tips for maintaining your cover below:

electric blanket 2

How to wash an electric blanket?

Most of electric blankets can be safely washed and dried in standard and residential washing machines and dryers.

For machine use, follow these tips:

Before each use, it is advisable to wash your blanket. For this, you must first disconnect the power cable and check that all the heating filaments inside are well positioned and in good condition. In a second step, check the manufacturer’s instructions for use to see the washing instructions for the product.

In most cases, you will need to soak the blanket for 5 to 15 minutes. If the temperature and duration of soaking are not mentioned, prefer cold water and soaking for 15 minutes.

Then wash the cover in a gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent. Above all, do not use chemicals and avoid bleaching agents. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations again, as it is often advisable not to perform a full wash cycle. Finally, simply rinse the cover and wring it out.

For hand washing, follow these tips:

It is very important to be careful when washing your electric blanket by hand. First, dip your blanket without the electrical wires in cold water with a mild detergent. Shake the blanket for 1 to 2 minutes and then let it soak in water for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse and wring the cover.

In which cases should you heat your heating blanket by hand?

  • When you have an old blanket
  • When your cover is damaged
  • When your blanket is only hand washable

How to dry a heating blanket?

It is important to consult the product instructions to find out if the blanket can dry in a fiber dryer. Then check the capacity of your tumble dryers. If you can’t get in the electric heating blanket in this one, prefer air drying. Then read the instructions on drying your blanket. Generally, you should set your dryer at the low level. Some blanket models may require preheating in the dryer. Finally, remove your electric blanket from the dryer while it is still wet. Bring it back to its normal size and spread it out in the open.

Warning !

  • Remember that the electric blanket be dry before using.
  • Do not iron your electric blanket

Where to buy a heating blanket?

At Girodmedical, you will find a wide choice of electric blankets for bed. We present to you 3 of our best 2020 models:

beurer 75 cover

Heating blanket Beurer HD 75 extracosy

The HD 75 extracosy electric blanket will be perfect to accompany you during winter evenings. This fleece blanket is very comfortable. It has 6 levels of settings, which will allow you to reach the temperature you want to obtain. In addition, to avoid any problem of overheating, this cover has the Beurer security system. The HD 75 extracosy cover measures 180 by 130 centimeters.

SHD 80 Sanitas

Heating blanket Sanitas SHD 80

The SHD 80 electric blanket is ideal for cold evenings. Its soft and pleasant fabric will bring you quality comfort during your naps. To adapt to your needs, the electric blanket has 6 temperature levels. In addition, in order to cover your entire body, this blanket measures 130 cm x 180 cm. The SHD 80 cover is equipped with anti-overheating security, it switches off automatically after a few hours.

beurer XXL cover

Heating blanket Beurer HD 100 size XXL

The HD 100 size XXL heating blanket is ideal for a double bed. Its soft material will offer you hours of sweetness. In addition, thanks to its 6 temperature levels, this blanket will provide you with homogeneous and rapid heating for your well-being. It is equipped with a BSS system against overheating. You can wash the HD 100 electric blanket in the machine.

rsWe have just mentioned the essential points about the usefulness of a heating blanket! Girodmedical hopes this article will have you more. Do not hesitate to consult our range of electric blankets. To follow our news, visit our social networks: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter !

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