What equipment is used to secure your bathroom?

What equipment is used to secure your bathroom?

How to secure your bathroom?

According to a study by Inpes – Minister of Health, 46% of falls of the elderly occur in the bathroom. Physical and functional embrittlement occurs when we age. Daily activities are becoming more and more difficult.

The bathroom can be a danger for seniors and people with reduced mobility. In fact, this wet room involves the risk of falls due to the slippery floor and the risk of burns. Showers and bathtubs are generally hard to access.
These people with reduced mobility are looking for autonomy, a good arrangement of the bathroom can allow them to carry out their daily toilet without fear.

Wall grab bars to prevent falls

The most suitable shower for the elderly and people with reduced mobility is the walk-in shower. It has no bin, there is nothing to step over to enter. It is less dangerous than a conventional shower.
Many bathrooms have tiled floors. This ground is extremely slippery in contact with water. To reduce the risk of slipping, you can add
plastic bathroom mat that is fixed with suction cups at the outlet of the shower or the bathtub.

To secure your shower, you can install other safety devices. These devices help reduce falls, maintain balance and reduce fatigue. The first device to install is the shower handle. There are a multitude of grab bars.

The wall grab bars are the most used. The grab bar should be placed at the user’s elbow. It is a robust device that allows the elderly to move, get up and sit while limiting efforts. We offer you the Rossignol 40 cm biska straight grab bar, it supports a load of 150 kg and is very practical to limit falls.

If you have a shower with a small step, our model Biska 22x22cm Rossignol can satisfy you: it makes it easier to climb the step.

You will find all our models of wall grab bars in the shower handle category of our website.

Accessories to secure your shower

The shower is one of the most dangerous places because it is the one that has the most contact with water.
To avoid slipping you must put in place non-slip mats suitable for showering. There are massage and washing mats to avoid bending down during the toilet. Our bubble Grip NL-12000 massaging shower mat Novo’life is perfectly suited : it has 26 suction cups which allow it to adhere best to the surface. It has a hole to facilitate its drying by hanging it.
The second main problem that found in the shower is the heat of the water: too high a heat can cause burns. Some carpets like the bath mat NOVO’LIFE NL-785-530 have a temperature indicator on one end which reacts to the water temperature. This indicator is colored according to the heat thereof.

Bath mat
To be more comfortable taking a shower, it is also possible to install a bath stool. It is useful because it allows people to maintain a certain autonomy. It is also advisable if you have just had an operation that prevents you from standing for a long time or if you have frequent back pain.
If you have a small shower or bath it is possible to set up a
foldable bath stool like our model NL-1001 Novo’life.

Shower stool

The bath chair, depending on its size, can be adapted to a shower or a bathtub. It can be fitted with an armrest to enhance protection and comfort.
Many models are available on our website. You can find the medisana shower chair which also has an adjustable height to best suit your bathroom.

Bath chair
We also offer stools of all shapes, rectangles like our model of
shower stool ADAGE PACIFIC , circles like the model NL-10018 Novo’life, you can also find the models of invacare shower stool which allow you to access your private parts more simply thanks to the shape of the chair.

Other criteria must be taken into account when choosing your shower chair like the addition of graining for good support, the armrests for better comfort, the adjustment of the size, the covering…

We have just mentioned the essential points on the equipment to secure your bathroom! Girodmedical hopes you enjoyed this article. Do not hesitate to visit our website to see our products.
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