Tweezers: hair removal!  Which one to choose ?

Tweezers: hair removal! Which one to choose ?

Guide to tweezers

Tweezers is the oldest hair removal technique. We also find in archaeological museums tweezers dating from the Gallo-Roman era. The tweezers accumulate the good points: simple to use, practical to take everywhere with you, does not require any battery for the most basic models, its price remains accessible for everyone in short it no longer has to prove itself. However there are small drawbacks to take into account before buying your epilatorwe. Explanations.

How to choose a good quality hair removal pliers?

The type of tweezers according to use

The model of crab clamp with bit

Depending on the use you want to make of your pliers, remember to choose the right model. We often think of eyebrows first but the pliers to remove the hairs also serves as a finishing tool for the armpits, bikini line, legs, mustache with precision that remains unmatched. The types of tweezers differ in their shape:

  • Straight pliers or square pliers : this is the classic model used by the majority of women and men. It allows you to grasp the hair to be removed taking into account its entire length. The coarse hairs do not resist him and are removed both more clearly and more precisely.
  • Crab claw : is easily recognizable with its ends curved inward. It is specially designed for the area between your two eyebrows since it manages to catch the smallest and finest hairs without breaking them.
  • The bevelled pliers or at an angle: both precise and resistant, it makes it possible to treat sensitive areas. Practical for the eyebrows, it is also suitable for waxing the bikini line.
  • The pointed pliers : solid, the pointed tip pliers are notably known for removing ingrown hairs and splinters.

Hair removal at your fingertips

When you do not have time to go to the beautician, the tweezers are your ally. It can easily be carried in a handbag or in a garment pocket. To avoid injury from the sharp tips of this equipment, add a cap or some kind of case as protection.

In terms of grip, make sure that the clamp does not easily escape from your hands like some plastic models. Also check that the tip is sharp enough and tears the bulb well at the root.

In general, tweezers are made up of metallic elements. The metal allows in particular to reduce the infections of microbes and to resist time. Plastic clips are good substitutes if you want cheap pocket gear. However, they are not always pleasant in terms of handling and their effectiveness is lower in comparison with metal tweezers.

Modern or traditional pliers?

To find the hair removal equipment you need, we have compared two types of hair removal devices: a classic tweezers and a latest generation of tweezers with integrated LED.

The classic tweezersdouglas tweezers for eyelashes 9 cm

A practice known by all users of tweezers, the classic tweezers, crab or beveled, can reach all hairs, even the shortest, with precision on small areas. The Douglas forceps can be used in addition to another method of hair removal such as a razor, epilator or cream. Thanks to its robustness and precision, your hairs are extracted from their roots. We offer Holtex brand tweezers made of stainless steel: they do not rust and last a very long time.

The modern hair removal pliers

pincer-eclairee-beurer-hl-05 Beurer offers an innovative hair removal tool with a modern and aesthetic design. These pliers allow you to epilate precisely each area where unwanted hair is found. Most ? The pliers are accompanied by a clear LED light to allow you to see the place you are waxing. The Beurer HL 05 tweezers also offers maximum visibility thanks to the mirror which allows you to do the hair removal yourself. In terms of transport, storage in lipstick format allows it to be slipped everywhere. It comes with 1.5 V batteries so you can test it directly.

So classic pliers or modern pliers? Have you chosen your side? Do not hesitate to contact our experts who will guide you by phone on 02 40 58 98 00 or by email at

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