The pozzi forceps at the gynecologist

The pozzi forceps at the gynecologist

Pozzi forceps: what is it for?

Used by gynecologists, the pozzi forceps or tenaculum makes it easy to reach the cervical area. Thanks to an effective flu and reliable rigidity you can access the uterine cavity without taking the risk of damaging the uterus during the introduction of medical instruments. It mainly allows the insertion of an IUD inside the vagina. To learn more about the contraceptive device, read our article on the different methods of contraception.

What is a pozzi clip?

Doctor Jean Samuel Pozzi, inventor of the forceps of the same name

Pozzi’s forceps was invented by Jean Samuel Pozzi. Born October 3, 1846 in Bergerac, this French doctor of Italian origin was also a surgeon and anthropologist.

Pozzi concentrated his research on the physiology and the genital system of women. He was a member of the Academy of Medicine and a professor at the faculty. Today, Jean Samuel Pozzi is considered one of the pioneers of fashion gynecologyrne.

Which pozzi clip to choose?

Pozzi forceps, straight, 18 cm Holtex

Pozzi-Palmer gynecological forceps, 22cm, Holtex, pozzi forceps 18 cm comed

At Girodmedical, we offer different models of pozzi forceps depending on their size: 18 cm or 22 cm. Due to its length and use, the gynecological instrument can be scary and many women wonder if the exam is painful. The pass ofuterus is a sensitive area for ladies who tend to contract when the gynecologist approaches it. But once the IUD is in place, the woman no longer feels it at all. Otherwise, the gynecologist will reposition it so that you no longer feel it.

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