Is it possible to spray violets with water and drugs, rules and instructions

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Spraying violets with water usually isn’t a good suggestion; this process needs to be protected for particular events. Violets will want periodic bathing in heat water: wash off the mud in such a approach 1-2 occasions each six months.

Is it doable to spray violets with water

Many housewives wouldn’t dare to spray pubescent leaves of violets although the plant doesn’t have sufficient air humidity at dwelling. Spraying is a helpful process, particularly in winter, when batteries mercilessly dry the air. In different instances, this motion is pointless.

Violet flowers

The actual fact is that between the villi on the leaves, massive drops will accumulate, slowly evaporate, depart ugly stains and even rot. Care for the flowers accurately in order that they don’t undergo from dryness and warmth, or from improper watering.

Spraying violets: guidelines

Spraying is acceptable for the aim of strengthening and treating violets with numerous medication. So, “Epin” is sprayed onto the plant to speed up flowering, “Fitoverm” – for the prevention of fungal ailments.

Fitoverm and Epin

Gardeners don’t advocate standard hydration procedures. Nonetheless, violets are moisture-loving, so in excessive instances this process will shield them from drying out.

Essential spraying guidelines widespread to violets and different indoor vegetation:

  1. If direct daylight enters the leaves from the window, then drops from spraying will rapidly evaporate and hurt the leaf plate. If you don’t want the flower to burn, take it to a different room or shade the window.
  2. The opposite excessive is just too cloudy and chilly climate. Even in winter, when the home is dry because of batteries, however it’s darkish exterior the window, extra moisture shouldn’t be sprayed.
  3. Moist vegetation shouldn’t be stored on a chilly windowsill, be sure that the violets are heat.
  4. It’s dangerous to spray indoor flowers with onerous faucet water; use gentle filtered or bottled water.

Violets home

Options of spraying violets:

  1. To forestall leaves and flowers from decaying from massive drops, use the smallest sprayer.
  2. Don’t abuse the spraying process; violets don’t require a lot moisture. A sprayer is barely acceptable when the home is just too dry and scorching.
  3. No have to spray a blooming violet.
  4. Water not from above, however by the pan: the roots themselves will take as a lot water as they want. In the event you water the soil itself, then don’t get on the leaves and within the socket.

Recommendation from Miss Cleanliness journal: in case you are afraid of harming the flower by spraying, moisten the air solely across the pot, maintain the pan moist, bathe with heat water (shield the soil within the pot with a movie) or wipe the leaves with a humid material.


Bathing is required in an excessive case, when the leaves are lined with a thick layer of mud and may not present the plant with vitamins. After bathing, let the violet dry within the rest room, after which return the pot to its outdated place.

To forestall the violets from drying out, place them in a kitchen the place humidity is larger than in different components of the home, shield them from direct daylight and don’t maintain them close to radiators. Then the vegetation will neither dry nor rot, and extra care is not going to be wanted.

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