Is it possible to put flowers on the refrigerator? Is it harmful to equipment and plants

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Usually in a contemporary inside, the kitchen is the guts of the condo / home. And, in fact, I need to fill the particular zone with oxygen and luxury, arranging elegant flowerpots with stunning flowers. Exquisitely wanting climbing crops, entwined with a fridge or kitchen. However is it potential to place recent flowers on the approach? It’s unattainable to provide a particular reply. All of it is determined by the microclimate, the kind of plant and the hostess’s ardour for inexperienced pets.

Arguments for”

In order. Why are the flowers in the fridge? A few popular reasons:

  • lack of space on the windowsill;
  • the need to protect flowers from children or pets, or vice versa (the juice of some plants causes allergies / burns, and cactus needles cause horror for children’s fingers and dog noses);
  • desire to decorate a boring device;
  • ill feeling of flowers on the window. For example, direct sunlight on southern window sills harms plants that love diffused light. The chill from old wooden frames harms tropical flowers. Drafts from open leaves (and in the kitchen airing more often than in living rooms or the living room) is dangerous for any green residents. Soot flying from a stove, or ashes and tar from cigarettes is a common thing in the kitchen window area.

Flowers on the window

Indeed, sometimes a refrigerator standing in front of a window, but remote from it, is a good solution. The flower is not threatened by a draft, or cold, or cats, or direct rays of the sun. The instrument gives room for climbing plants to grow, hooks with Velcro allow you to direct the vines and create support for them without tying, pegs, etc. tricks.

They feel good at altitude and in light shading:

  • cissus (indoor grapes, or “birch”),
  • epipremnum,
  • syngonium;
  • fragrant callisia (golden mustache).

It is interesting
Many housewives and amateur gardeners worry that the vibrations of the refrigerator will negatively affect the flowers, but in practice the effect is more likely to be positive. According to flower growers on the forums, green pets feel great not only on old, periodically shaking refrigerators, but even on washing machines that spin up to 80 decibels. By vibrating, the technique shakes the ground and improves the circulation of air and nutrients in the ground.

Why not recommended

Nevertheless, if you ask the nerds, most will say that putting flowers on the refrigerator is not a good idea. Why?

Vase with Flowers

Arguments against placing plants on technology:

  1. The most significant argument is the lack of light. On the upper floors, the window-sill lid doesn’t greatly prevent light from entering the rooms, and the lid of the refrigerator is quite lit, but in most cases the top of the refrigerator is very shaded and the plant will suffer. Many creepers and loaches prefer diffused, but bright light.
  2. The kitchen itself is one of the hottest rooms, and if it is combined with the living room, then even more so. The usual kitchen manages to cool down and ventilate while the tenants work or relax. If the kitchen is residential, then it has an almost constantly elevated temperature, and all the heat goes up – just where the plant is.
  3. Dust also likes to rise, and the flower on the refrigerator will be constantly dusty.
  4. Wipe, spray and water the green pet will have more often than if he stood on the windowsill.
  5. And to do all these operations will be inconvenient: each time you will need to climb a stool or pull up a steam cleaner with a nozzle for flowers.
  6. If the air conditioner is correctly installed in the room, it blows up cold air, and the lid of the refrigerator is under a draft, which is extremely undesirable for most plants.
  7. And another subtle nuance is growth. Ampel plants do not rise high, but, say, an orchid, most likely, there will not be enough space between the lid of the refrigerator and the ceiling (especially the stretch one) to expand the peduncle.
  8. Since the plant will have to be watered and sprayed more often, this will not have a completely positive effect on the technique. Refrigerators are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature in the room, trying to adapt to the microclimate.


Is it possible to put a cut bouquet on a refrigerator

For the same reasons: heat, shadow, and dust are a bad idea. The bouquet will stand much longer in diffused, but quite bright rays, at a temperature of about 20-23 degrees. And what kind of joy is it to get the bouquet to the top? It is better to place it where it will delight the eye.

Having studied all aspects of the issue, Miss Purity magazine recommends that you carefully consider the conditions that are optimal for your green pet. The top of the refrigerator is a shaded warm, even hot and cramped place with lots of dust. Only dangling (lianas, loaches, ampelous species) stems of shade-tolerant flowers will feel good there.

Room loach

Contemplate not solely the facet the home windows face, but additionally the remoteness of the gadget from the windowsill and the thickness of the curtains, in addition to how lengthy they continue to be open.

On the whole, the fridge isn’t one of the best place for crops, uncomfortable for inexperienced pets, and for homeowners who’ve to face on a stool for every watering.

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