How to wash suede sneakers with different types of pollution

How to wash suede sneakers with different types of pollution


Suede shoes are popular for their convenience, stylish and elegant appearance. For suede sneakers to be worn for a long time and pleasing to the eye, you need to know how to properly wash and clean them. With our advice to maintain or even restore the velvety, color and shape of the material after it will not be difficult. There are several ways to wash suede. Which one to apply depends on the degree and type of contamination.

Washing suede shoes in a washing machine

Can I wash suede sneakers in a washing machine?

You can use the washing machine only in emergency cases, when the shoes are contaminated by 80-90% or more and it will be difficult to clean it properly by hand. Staying in water for long periods may cause shrinkage, and exposure to chemicals (powder) adversely affects materials. Not only the fabric suffers, but also the glue holding the sole. Another aspect – in the washing machine, the product gets wet completely, which increases the considerable drying time. And the desire to speed up the process can only do much harm.

If you can not do without this method, here are its basic rules:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of powder (not bleaching!);
  • duration no more than an hour;
  • spin – 700 rpm;
  • temperature – 40-50 degrees.


Instead of powder, it is recommended to use a washing gel: it provides a more gentle effect.

The success of the event to a large extent depends on the sneakers themselves. High-quality goods will withstand automatic washing, it remains only to organize the proper drying.

Drying Suede Sneakers

Rules for Drying Suede Shoes

Drying is in no hurry! What can and cannot be done after washing?

  • Do not dry near a battery or an air conditioner, especially not directly on a heating device! Moisture evaporates perfectly at room temperature.
  • It is worth using wooden (they need to be wrapped in a bag) or plastic pads to prevent deformation and speed up the process.
  • The sun’s rays are also harmful, their exposure can lead to fading of color and a change in shape. After washing, the sneakers should be put in the shade.
  • It is not recommended to use special dryers with heating elements: from them “waves” can appear on the toe, and from such heating some materials, especially suede, lose their former appearance.
  • Safe drying time is one and a half to two days.

Suede shoe care

Hand Care Principles

Manual cleaning methods are directly dependent on the type of dirt. If it’s ordinary street dust and earth, suede sneakers will clean ordinary laundry detergent. Dishwashing liquid will cope with greasy stains. If the dirt is minimal, you can remove them with a regular sponge dipped in soapy water. To rinse, moisten the sponge in clean water and wipe it.


To wash suede sneakers was easier, after soaping and before rinsing it is recommended to leave them to stand for 3-5 minutes. So the procedure will be much more effective.

In case of significant contamination, you can moisten the sneakers under the stream from the shower before proceeding with cleaning. The brush should be soft-piled (stiff bristles can erase the texture of suede). The recommended powder concentration is 1-2 tablespoons per glass of water.

Dirty suede sneakers

How to return sneakers to their previous appearance?

The time comes when simply washing the suede sneakers is not enough to make them look like new. Just a few simple tricks will easily update their look.

  • How to return a texture?

When in contact with water, the fibers stick together, so after drying, you need to use a special soft porous sponge for suede. It perfectly smoothes and separates the villi, making the surface again velvety.

  • How to whiten the sole?

Effectively whitens and removes yellowness a mixture of toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. The mixture should be applied with a toothbrush to a white surface and hermetically sealed with cling film for 2 hours. The process can be repeated 2-3 times.

An excellent tool is an eraser for nubuck and suede. It perfectly masks the darkened rubber before the first contact with water.

  • How to glue parts?

After washing, rubber often leaves, especially on socks and heels. The resulting gap must be degreased and using a toothpick to apply polyurethane adhesive for shoes. For bonding, be sure to press the rubber down and hold for 1-2 minutes. Increase the likelihood of success by heating, for example, using a lighter at a distance of 5-7 cm.

  • How to eliminate traces of washing?

After thorough cleaning, the glue between the sole and the base is again visible. It can be painted over with a regular marker.
Suede Sneakers


Prevention is the best way to increase the lifespan of your favorite shoe. Do not forget about water-repellent protectors. One spray lasts a very long time. This simple procedure, which takes a few seconds, will provide longer lasting suede and its attractiveness.

Preserving the beauty of suede is not so difficult. This requires timely, regular and proper care. Compliance with the above tips for washing suede sneakers is guaranteed to increase their service life and protect them from premature wear.

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