How to wash crocuses in a washing machine so as not to spoil it and the shoes themselves

How to wash crocuses in a washing machine so as not to spoil it and the shoes themselves


For more than 10 years, Crocs shoes have been very popular all over the world. And many of her lovers are interested in whether it is possible to wash crocuses in a washing machine. These shoes are so comfortable and practical that more and more people are using them: the strength and durability of the material allow them to be worn constantly. Therefore, the issue of washing is so relevant. And the experience of crox lovers shows that you can wash them in a machine. But you need to follow some rules.

Pink crocuses

Features of Crox

Initially, these shoes were created for sailors. Therefore, its main features are lightness, practicality and a non-slip sole. Crocuses are made from a special material. This is a Croslite polymer, unlike plastic or rubber. It has a porous structure, and the pores are filled with natural resin. Therefore, this polymer is sensitive to temperature increase.

Due to the characteristics of the material, croxes have the following properties:

  • under the influence of heat, they adapt to the shape of the legs;
  • Do not rub;
  • very light;
  • Do not slip on any surface;
  • dry quickly;
  • do not wear out for a long time and do not lose their attractiveness.

Under the Crocs brand, a wide variety of shoes are now available. In addition to classic slippers with holes, which were called “crocodiles”, there are ballet flats, slates, sandals and even Crox boots. And all of them are convenient and practical.

Care Rules

The material from which crox is made is very durable. But for such shoes to be worn longer and not to lose attractiveness, you need to properly care for them. To clean dirt, it is recommended to rinse crocuses under cool water with a soft brush and laundry soap. It is not advisable to use aggressive detergents or alcohol for cleaning.

Crox lovers need to remember that they can warp from heat. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash them in hot water, dry them in automatic dryers or on heaters. It is also undesirable to leave them in the sun for a long time.

But this feature of crox can be used if you need to stretch or reduce them. Under the influence of hot water, Croslite becomes soft and can be shaped to fit. And if the shoes are large, they just need to be washed in hot water in a washing machine, and they will be reduced in size.

The choice of temperature washing

How to keep crocks when washing?

Some washing machines have a special function for washing shoes. But even without it, you can wash crocuses. This shoe is very light, so several pairs can be loaded into a standard drum.

But so that your favorite croxas do not deform after washing and are properly cleaned, you need to know several features of this procedure:

  • It is best to load shoes into the machine in a special bag. He will protect her from deformation. If there is no such bag, a regular pillowcase can replace it. Or, along with shoes, you can live in the drum a few old towels.
  • It is important to choose the right washing mode. If there is no mode for shoes, you need to choose a delicate wash.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the temperature is not higher than 30 ° C. You must also disable the spin and drying functions. It is during their work that crocuses are most often deformed.
  • When washing, you can use ordinary non-aggressive powder, preferably based on soap. For white shoes, you can add a little Vanisha.
  • Crocuses dry quickly. After washing the boots, you can dry them by stuffing with white paper (this will also help maintain their shape).

How to protect the machine?

When washing shoes in the washing machine, there is a risk of damage. Heavy sneakers or boots can even break glass. But crocuses are very light, so you can erase them without fear. Although some rules are still worth observing. They will help extend the life of the machine.

  • Before laying in the drum, you need to inspect the shoes so that there are no elements that can come off and get stuck in the drum.
  • Laces and insoles need to be pulled out.
  • Thoroughly clean the sole of sand and stuck dirt.
  • It is undesirable to put only shoes in the drum – you need to use a bag or shift it with rags.
  • To avoid vibration and loud noise, you must set the minimum spin speed.

After washing in a washing machine, crocuses will look like new. White shoes that cannot be cleaned by hand are especially effective. Impeccable appearance and pleasant smell are the result of proper washing.

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