How to have a successful pedicure in 6 steps?  – Girodmedical Blog: The blog of medical equipment

How to have a successful pedicure in 6 steps? – Girodmedical Blog: The blog of medical equipment

Are your feet tired? You don’t have the time or the budget to go to an institute? The home pedicure is the solution! It does not require any training. Through this article, we will give you tips to take care of your feet while staying at home!

What is a pedicure?

The care of our feet is not our priority when it comes to beauty. Bearing they are the ones who carry us all day, so they need our full attention.
To begin with, know that the pedicure is a practice that consists of heal the foot. It eliminates dead skin, heals damaged nails and eliminates certain pain. To have healthy feet, it is advisable to have a pedicure once or twice a month.
The chiropodist is a foot specialist. Its role is to help the patient to reduce pain in the feet by giving him advice such as wearing orthopedic insoles. He may also advise to put in place hygiene or postural measures. It also treats ingrown toenails and corns of the feet.
We consult the chiropodist for several reasons: to improve posture, to treat foot pain, to improve foot hygiene, to treat a nail.

How to do your homemade pedicure?

To achieve a homemade pedicure, there are several steps. Before you start, remember to remove traces of nail polish. Preferably, use a nail polish remover without acetone: it is gentler on your nails and will damage them less.

First step: the foot bath
Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. You can add bath salt, aromatic crystals or essential oils.
Another tip: you can also infuse lime leaves, they have soothing properties for tired feet.
This foot bath helps soften the skin for easier removal of dead skin. Then dry your feet without forgetting to pass the towel between your toes.
To make your foot bath more enjoyable, you can use foot bath devices. They allow you to enjoy a vibration massage. You can move your feet on the rollers of the device back and forth.

Relaxing foot bath

Second step: sanding
This step is to remove the calluses. You can do this with a rasp like our Foot Rasp with File model which is a handy all-in-one tool. It is designed with a dead skin collector.
To succeed in this step, you have to focus on the most damaged areas such as the heel and the big toe. Circular and back and forth movements should be avoided, they can cause skin irritation. Favor a one-way movement. This step can be done once or twice a week depending on the health of your feet.
There are also electric foot sanders, they make sanding more pleasant and faster!

Foot sander

Third step: the scrub
The scrub is useful for removing the last dead cells that could not be removed previously. You can use an exfoliating gel or a homemade recipe: a mixture of fine salt and oil of your choice is sufficient (olive oil, argan).

Fourth step: nail care
It is important to take care of your toenails to avoid ingrown toenails and yeast infection (fungus). If unfortunately you already have an ingrown nail an ingrown nail clipper can help you remove it.
A nail that is too long is painful and can injure you while traveling. To cut your nails, we recommend the nail clipper with integrated magnifier and light, it allows you to be more precise than with a basic nail clipper. To perfect your nails you can use a nail file.

Fifth step: hydration of the feet
To nourish your nails and feet, it is important to use a cream that will limit dryness and protect against external aggressions. Hydration is an essential step: it allows the results of the previous steps to last over the long term.

Sixth step: varnish
Only after the various previous steps can you apply varnish. It is first advisable to apply a coast base to protect the nail from the risk of breakage. It also makes it possible to limit the attacks of the varnish on the nails and to make it last longer.

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We have just mentioned the essential points on the pedicure! Girodmedical hope you enjoyed this article. Do not hesitate to visit our website to see all our products.
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