How to clean and whiten white sneakers with toothpaste: instructions

How to clean and whiten white sneakers with toothpaste: instructions

To restore freshness and cleanliness to white sneakers, try brushing them with toothpaste. This is an inexpensive home method that really works and does not require any additional materials or tricks.


Life hack: brush white soles with toothpaste

It is difficult to imagine a modern wardrobe without snow-white sneakers or sneakers: these trendy shoes combine with any clothes and fit into almost any style. The only negative of such an acquisition is the smallest spots of dirt on white. If you don’t deal with sneakers daily, it is easy to bring them to an irreducible gray coating.

Ordinary toothpaste quickly copes with dirt on shoes. To clear sneakers, prepare a tube of toothpaste and an unnecessary toothbrush.


How to clean:

  1. Shake large pieces of dirt and dust off your shoes. Miss Cleanliness Magazine recommends that you clean your shoes dry using a clothes brush (especially relevant for sneakers and fabric shoes).
  2. Wash the soles and edging with water and a brush, a toilet brush or just the corner of a rag. It doesn’t hurt a few tablespoons of floor cleaner or ordinary soap – so the dirt will go away faster.
  3. Put the shoes wrap around a rag, and in the meantime, moisten the toothbrush with water.
  4. Apply a small amount of paste to the bristles. Miss Cleanliness magazine recommends using a paste with a whitening effect.
  5. Now gently brush it, rubbing the paste over the dirt and trying not to touch the textiles (it may discolor).

Do not touch the brush with the neck of the tube if you plan to use toothpaste.

shoe polish with toothpaste

How else can bleach sneakers

Than, in addition to toothpaste, you can whiten sneakers with white soles and the main part of white:

  1. Soapy water + a soft sponge is a universal way to clean athletic and casual shoes. But it only works with daily use.
  2. Nail polish remover: apply on cotton sponge and wipe sneakers.
  3. The White solution is for rubber soles only, not for fabric!
  4. Lemon juice. You can cut the whole fruit and rub the sneakers in half, or squeeze the juice and apply it with a sponge. For better whitening, leave the product for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

shoe polish

Remember to carefully stretch the laces! Gray ties on sneakers cleaned to snow-white will destroy the image.

Pure white sneakers are a sign of a good hostess style and craftsmanship. Do not be lazy to clean such shoes as often as possible, and it will maintain pristine whiteness for a very long time.

Is it possible to brush white sneakers with toothpaste: life hack for pristine whiteness of shoes

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