How to choose your toilet chair?

How to choose your toilet chair?

Access to the toilets can be difficult in some cases, especially during a long journey or a pressing urge. The pierced chair is therefore an alternative to these little inconveniences of daily life.

What is a pierced chair?

A pierced chair also called wardrobe chair is a chair in which there is a circular opening. It has a removable bucket or port that serves as a receptacle. The wardrobe chair allows the elderly, with reduced mobility or with a longer or shorter recovery period to meet their basic needs and simplify their lives. Thanks to this chair, the user will be able to carry out his needs without moving from his room.

Generally, the toilet chair is padded at the level of the seat, armrests and backrest to promote optimal comfort.

Some models of chairs have dual uses, that is, they can be used for going to the bathroom and for showering.

What are the types of pierced toilet chair?

  • Chair without wheels: the fixed pierced chair is placed in the user’s room so that he does not need to go to the toilet. This avoids the risk of falls. This chair model requires emptying the bucket yourself or by a caregiver.
  • Chair with castors: the toilet chair with casters is ideal for moving to the toilet, it is available in a foldable version. Usually the caregiver helps the patient to get to the toilet.
  • Chair with or without armrests: to maintain stability and guarantee user safety, it is ideal to have a chair with armrests. There are different types of armrests such as fixed armrests and liftable armrests. The armrests fix are long and stable. The liftable armrests can be short, long and unlockable, or can be folded away from the side.
  • Height adjustable chair: some chair models are adjustable in height by a notch system.
  • Chair with monobloc footrest or pallet: the monobloc footrest is not very comfortable. Indeed, the user has the possibility of resting a small part of his feet. This footrest model retracts by sliding or rising backwards. Unlike the monobloc, the pallet footrest is comfortable, they retract to the side like those of wheelchairs. The downside is that this model of footrest increases the length of the seat.
  • Folding chair: some chairs are folding. This optimizes space when the pierced chair is not used. It folds without disassembling. The model of folding toilet chair is very easy to transport.

Why choose a double use pierced chair?

The advantage of having a dual-use chair is that you can use it for showering or going to the toilet. This will also optimize the space in your room. Instead of having several pieces of equipment, you will only have one piece of equipment! For a pierced chair to be used as a shower chair, it must not be foldable and must not have a cross system under the seat. In addition, the height under the seat must be greater than the height of the bowl.

What are the advantages of a wardrobe chair?

The pierced chair has many advantages which are:

  • The user does not need to move from his room to go to the toilet
  • It allows the user to gain autonomy
  • The chair guarantees better safety
  • It has a comfortable seat and back

In addition, the wardrobe chair is covered by social security with a reimbursement rate of € 102.62.

Where to buy your wardrobe chair?

At Girodmedical, we offer a wide range of pierced chairs. We present some models below:

The IZZO Invacare toilet frame and toilet seat chair:

The Izzo toilet chair is a real 3 in 1. It is both a hygienic chair, a toilet riser and it acts as a toilet frame. This chair is ideal, it adapts to the vast majority of toilets. It has retractable armrests, which is very comfortable for the user. In addition, the seat is adjustable in height from 45 to 55 cm. This chair has a removable backrest. The breakthrough chair Izzo is very easy to install, it will perfectly meet the needs of users.

izzo chair

The Invacare Omega H45OLA Lavender adjustable toilet chair:

The pierced chair Omega H45OLA is both adjustable in height (480 to 630 mm) to adapt to each user and very comfortable when sitting. This chair has an anatomical bucket of 5 L, which is retractable from the side and from the top. In addition, this chair is available in two colors: lavender and blue. The Omega chair H45OLA Lavender is guaranteed for 2 years. It has an intimate cutout of 25.5 and 21.5 cm. This chair is ideal for people with a maximum weight of 130 Kg.

adjustable chair

The Invacare Omega Classic H450 Green Toilet Chair:

The pierced chair Omega classic H450 Invacare has a very comfortable seat. Indeed, the seat of this chair is padded. In addition, the classic chair Omega H450 has an anatomical bucket that is retractable from the side and from the top. This toilet chair is ideal and will perfectly meet the transfer needs of people with reduced mobility.

omega classic chair

The wardrobe chair with casters:

The breakthrough chair on casters has armrests and a padded seat to promote user comfort. In addition, this chair has a removable footrest. The seat height is 50 cm. Equipped with 4 wheels and 2 brakes at the back, this chair is ideal for people with reduced mobility.


We have just quoted the essential points on the pierced chairs. Girodmedical hopes this article will have you more. Do not hesitate to consult our range of toilet chairs on our Girodmedical website.

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