How to choose your slimming sheath?

How to choose your slimming sheath?

Famous for their slimming powers, slimming sheaths are very successful, especially with women. Do you want to acquire a flat stomach sheath? Discover all the benefits of it and our advice to choose it according to your need.

What is a slimming sheath?

Ultra trendy, the slimming sheath is a garment allowing you to refine and firm your figure. It allows you to instantly sculpt your waist. It will flatten the belly and help maintain your back. Your figure is maintained and slender. The slimming sheath has a denser texture than a simple elastic garment. For its closure, it is made up of hooks or velcro straps.

The sheath takes several forms: bodysuit, underpants, tights or even high-waisted briefs.

How is the flat stomach sheath designed?

The slimming sheath is designed with fabric and natural fiber materials. It can be made of different materials, the best known of which are made of a mixture of nylon and elastane, latex, or cotton. The sheath has a closure in the form of steel hooks. In addition, it contains no seams which makes it invisible when worn. The fabric used is pleasant and allows you to be comfortable. The slimming sheath contains slimming active ingredients in textiles.

Who is the slimming sheath for?

The flat stomach sheath is designed for women and men. Some people prefer to wear it all day to help quickly lose stored fat in the abdomen. Others use it to perfect their sports results.
Indeed, there are specific sheaths for sport that have the effect of stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins. You will find it easier to eliminate fat and your muscles will be better supplied with energy!

The slimming sheath is for you if you want to:

  • Lose belly fat and love handles
  • Find a flat stomach
  • Losing weight
  • Sculpt your figure

What are the advantages of a slimming sheath?

The slimming corset helps you lose weight faster. It flatters your figure and also allows you to hide your superfluous curves. The slimming woman sheath gives you a slender and fine silhouette. It is imperceptible under clothing because it is designed seamless.
Other advantages of the slimming sheath? She allows to :

  • Camouflage excess fat
  • Get a flat stomach
  • Regain self-confidence
  • No more complex
  • Lose a few inches around your waist
  • Be worn anywhere and anytime

What are the criteria for choosing a good slimming sheath?

Flat stomach sheath

Do you have trouble choosing between several models of ducts? Here are some criteria that you must take into account and that will help you in your choice! You must choose your slimming corset according to:

  • From the target location: choose a model that suits you.
  • Material: indeed, some fabrics are more or less resistant and breathable. Prefer latex, cotton or elastane sheaths.
  • Comfort: be sure to choose a comfortable slimming sheath. There are different levels of hook closures that will allow you to adapt it to your body type.
  • Level of support: there are different levels of support. The higher the compression, the more results you will see. But beware, be sure to think about your comfort. To start, we advise you to choose a sheath with a light support.
  • Size: in order to obtain good results, it is important to choose a suitable size. Indeed, if it is too large, you will not have the slimming effect. If it is too small, it can affect your health.


The latex slimming sheath is ideal for slimming down, burning your fat and sculpting your figure. It offers high compression which allows you to lose weight by sweating.

The nylon body sheath is for you if you want to instantly refine your figure. It is very light and provides good support thanks to the straps. This material is appreciated for its ability to evacuate sweat and to dry quickly.

The shape sheath Elastane is the best choice if you want to be discreet. It is very fine and invisible under clothing.

How to use a slimming sheath?

You just bought or you want to buy one slimming sheath and wondering how to use it? To properly use a slimming sheath, it is important to choose a model and size that suits you. Then you have to know how to put your sheath. You just have to put it in the right direction. Close the hooks from bottom to top. Now feeling embarrassed to breathe? Don’t worry, it’s normal the first few times. Start to wear it gradually, for an hour then two and increase.


Do not hesitate to remove the sheath if your body tells you to stop. If you want to lose weight, it is better to eat a balanced diet and play sports.

What size should you choose for a slimming sheath?

It is sometimes difficult to choose the right size for your slimming sheath since each brand has its own size guide. Discover through our advice which product would suit you.

  • Consult the brand size guide
  • Measure your natural waist (3 cm above the navel) and your hip size (the strongest spot, just above the gluteal muscles).
  • Make sure you do not wear underwear while taking measurements.
  • If you are between two sizes, Girodmedical advises you to choose the size above, because if the slimming sheath is too tight for you, you risk not wearing it.

How long to wear a slimming sheath?

You must start gradually one or two hours the first days and increase according to your feelings. it is advisable to wear it between 3 and 6 hours a day for an optimal result.
You must take into account that the result also depends from one person to another, depending on his morphology, his lifestyle, …
To follow the evolution, take measurements and photos before / after!

How much does a slimming corset cost?

There are different models of slimming sheaths meeting the different criteria. The price of the sheath depends on the quality. A sheath costs on average between 40 € and 90 €.

How to maintain a slimming sheath?

Slimming belly sheath

To keep a slimming sheath in good condition, follow our instructions.

It is important to wash your slimming sheath regularly, so that the sheath material retains all of its properties. Is your sheath made of latex? Generally, it should be washed by hand and lukewarm water. Your sheath does not contain latex? Check the instructions, if they allow it, put your sheath in the washing machine. Choose the gentle program with cold water.

For drying, never use your dryer and do not wring your tubing by twisting it. Let your sheath dry in the open air and store it carefully in a drawer or on a suitable hanger.

Where to buy a slimming sheath?

Girodmedical offers a selection of 3 slimming sheaths:

Discover the lanaform LA013004 slim belt slimming sheath. This sheath is ideal for regaining firm and smooth skin in a few weeks. It promotes the elimination of cellulite. Its effectiveness has been proven by a 30-day laboratory study. In addition, the advantage of this slimming sheath is that it is very comfortable.

The lanaformLA012904 mass slim slimming sheath is a revolutionary product. It has a sheathing effect on the thighs, buttocks, hips, but also the belly. In addition, the sheath has tourmaline beads to participate in weight loss. These beads increase the skin temperature, which will activate the blood and lymphatic circulation. This sheath model is available in several sizes.

The lanaform LA05020 panty beauty shape alto sheath is ideal for finding a feeling of well-being and lightness. It maintains the curves of your waist and glutes. The Lanaform slimming sheath is an ideal accessory for people who do not want to go on a diet.

We have just mentioned the essential points about the slimming sheath! Girodmedical hopes this article will have you more. Do not hesitate to consult our range of slimming sheaths. To follow our news, visit our social networks: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter !

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