How to choose your baby monitor?

How to choose your baby monitor?

The baby monitor is important equipment both for the safety of the child and for the comfort of the parents. This equipment is to be provided in the birth list. Girodmedical advises you to make the right choice when buying your baby monitor. First discover the different types of baby monitors.

What are the different types of baby monitors?

  • Theclassic baby monitor : this model consists of a transmitter and a receiver often accompanied by an alarm. This type of baby monitor is generally economical, since it emits weak waves. The classic baby monitor is a safe bet!
  • Themultifunction baby monitor : just like the classic baby monitor, it has a transmitter and a receiver, but with additional functions. Indeed, some models include night lights, walkie-talkies. Others may even take screenshots of your child to keep memories of them.
  • The video baby monitor : this model includes a transmitter and a receiver with the advantage of having a camera to observe your child without disturbing him. The image quality of this baby monitor model is very good. Babycam waves are more powerful than that of a classic baby monitor, this is why it is necessary to install the baby monitor more than 3 m from your child.
  • The baby monitor movement and sound : this baby monitor model has high technology. Indeed, it generally has a night light, a thermometer, a camera and a smoke detector mat. This detector combines sound, video and movement. The price of this type of baby monitor is relatively higher.

What questions should you ask yourself before buying a baby monitor?


  • Audio or video: you can opt for a video baby monitor or audio, it depends on your desires and your needs.
  • What scope? You must choose a sufficient range so that the transmission is perfect between the transmitter and the receiver. Are you in an apartment? A range of 250 to 300 m will be sufficient. Do you live in a house? You have to opt for a wider scope, some models of baby monitors have a range of 1 to 3 km.
  • Which technologies? Analog, digital, Green digital technology, Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth connection or PLC connection.
  • How to control a baby monitor ? Some devices allow you to control the device remotely, so you can change the angle of view to better visualize your child and access the various features.
  • What additional options to choose? It will depend on your needs, there are models where you can share your screen with your loved ones, take screenshots to keep memories of your child in photo or video. Some baby monitor have a night light and a walkie-talkie to communicate with your child.

Where to place a baby monitor?

A baby monitor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is installed in the child’s room. It must be installed on a flat and solid surface. As for the receiver, you must take it with you, it will follow you in all the rooms of your house. You must take into account the range of your device so that there is no interference and to ensure proper operation. Some models have a belt clip.


How much does a baby monitor cost?

The price of one classic baby monitor varies between 30 € and 80 €.

The price of one multi-function baby monitor varies between 45 € and 150 €.

The price of one sound and motion baby monitor varies between 85 € and 200 €.

Our expert advice:

  • Limit radiation: indeed, you have to be careful, because the baby monitors emit waves. So prefer a baby monitor model with low power. Certain models of baby monitors with VOX technology only activate when the baby is crying and do not transmit radiation when the child is silent, which is ideal for limiting the transmission of waves.
  • Place the baby monitor as far away as possible. Never place thebaby monitor in the bed or less than a meter from the baby. It is preferable to place the device in height.
  • Always remember to check the condition of the batteries in your baby monitor.

Our comparison of the best baby monitors 2020:

Overview BY 84 baby monitor baby monitor BY 77 BY 99 baby monitor
Technology Analog Digital Digital
Power <9.6 dBm 18dBm <16dBm
Frequency 864 MHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 – 2.483 GHz
Scope 800 meters 300 m without obstacle 300 meters unlimited (by internet)
Food 3 AAA batteries li-ion battery (2100 mA) li-ion battery (2,100 mA)
Functions – Eco + mode for reduced transmission power

– sound monitoring

– bright screen that indicates if baby is sleeping or awake

– Video surveillance

– Infrared night vision

– Eco + mode / Energy saving mode

– Range control with audible signal

– Temperature sensor

– Digital zoom

– Video surveillance

– Infrared night vision

– Eco + mode / Energy saving mode

– Range control with audible signal

– Temperature sensor

Guarantee Guarantee: 3 years Guarantee: 3 years Guarantee: 3 years
Screen No 1.8 LCD screen Yes
Adjusting the volume Yes Yes Yes
Brightness adjustment No but decrease in brightness in the absence of sound Yes

5 Levels


5 Levels

Dimensions 6 x 4 x 11 cm Parent unit: 6.9 x 2.8 x 1.1 cm

Camera: 6.6 x 5.8 x 8.9 cm

Parent unit: 11.5 x 6.9 x 2.4 cm

Baby unit: 9 x 6.5 x 5.8 cm

Lullaby No 5 Lullabies 5 Lullabies
Walkie-talkie function (intercom) No Yes Yes

Analog baby monitor BY 84 Beurer:

BY 84 baby monitor

The analog baby monitor BY 84 from Beurer is one of the ideal tools for monitoring your child. This baby monitor retranscribes the state of your baby, it lets you know if he is awake, if he cries or if he is sleeping. This baby monitor automatically sends you a message when your baby is moving or making noise. The advantage of this baby monitor is that it has an extra long range of 800 meters. The BY 84 baby monitor has 16 pilot tones and 2 channels, allowing transmission without any interference. You can adjust the volume of the device. In addition, a belt clip offers you the possibility of carrying the baby monitor everywhere with you. Wall mounting is also possible.

Beurer BY 77 video baby monitor:

baby monitor BY 77

The video baby monitor BY 77 from Beurer is ideal. It will allow you to spend peaceful days and nights thanks to these different functions. Indeed, you will be able to monitor your child, day or night, thanks to infrared video surveillance. In addition, this baby monitor has an Eco mode which limits radiation. Thanks to this baby monitor you can easily communicate with your child since it has a walkie-talkie function. This device can be connected with a maximum of 4 cameras.

Baby video monitor Beurer BY 99 Dual:

baby monitor by 99 dual

The video baby monitor BY 99 DUAl from Beurer is a device that will bring you absolute comfort and a sense of security when monitoring your child. Indeed, this baby monitor has an Eco mode to limit radiation. In addition, you can monitor your child day and night thanks to the infrared video surveillance function. The BY 99 baby monitor acts as an intercom, allowing you to communicate with your child. You can also manually save photos and videos to keep memories. This device is compatible with the Beurer Carecam app on your phone, tablet or computer. This baby monitor can be connected with up to 4 cameras.

We have just quoted the essential points to help you choose your baby monitor! Girodmedical hopes this article will have you more. Do not hesitate to consult our baby monitor range on Girodmedical.

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