How To Choose A Weighted Blanket? FAQs & Buying Guide
Ho​​​​​w To Choose A Weighted Blanket

How To Choose A Weighted Blanket? FAQs & Buying Guide

Ho​​​​w To Choose A Weighted Blanket? FAQs & Buying Guide

how to choose a weighted blanket

The newest product to form a reputation for itself: the weighted blanket. Chances are there that you’ve friends or family discussing them, or even saw somebody receive one as a present this past season, don't worry today we will discuss too in detail that How To Choose A Weighted Blanket?.

However, weighted blankets have exploded in quality in recent years, this innovative product isn’t essentially new — it’s long been employed in the special want’s community, serving to people on the syndrome spectrum, among different conditions. Still, it wasn’t till corporations like Gravity Blanket brought their flagship styles to the broader public that folks began thinking of it not as a distinct segment medical device, however a general sleep aid.

 Weighted blankets that are filled with high weight materials like plastic pellets and are of throw sized. The feeling physical pressure of weighted blanket can result in a feeling of calmness.

These blankets use the DPT (deep pressure touch) principle to improve relaxation. It comes in various weights and sizes and can also increase the sense of calmness in our daily lives.

This DPT principle uses a pressure to relax the nervous system. It may help in;

  • Improving mood
  • Less anxiety
  • Relieve your pain

Purpose of a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are usually utilized by several therapists. These are the words of the therapists that these gravity blankets help the activity of the therapists throughout the sensory integration medical aid. It helps in assuaging the symptoms of syndrome, sensory process disorder, anxiety, further as depression.Enter your text here...

Purpose of a weighted blanket

What does a weighted blanket do?

Besides from preventing you from the cold, weighted blanket also helps you to have a cozy and peaceful night. Making you feel relaxed, especially for the children and the adults. Giving you freedom from the hectic routine life and many anxieties, and depression problems of your daily life.

As anxiety and depression can prevent from taking a peaceful night. Some people prefer a natural sleep not medicines so, in this scenario weighted blanket can help you. As the simplest stress can have a negative effect on our mental health, as well as emotional and physical state. The use of a weighted blanket, with its deep touch, pressure, can provide us a relief.

As anxiety and depression can prevent from taking a peaceful night. Some people prefer a natural sleep not medicines so, in this scenario weighted blanket can help you. As the simplest stress can have a negative effect on our mental health, as well as emotional and physical state. The use of a weighted blanket, with its deep touch, pressure, can provide us a relief.

Just like the stress, some of the sensory issues are caused by the signals that are in the brain gets stuck that can lead to anxiety attack. Many children with autism suffer from these kind of anxiety attacks. So, placing these weighted blankets can help you in providing relief to those children. Same is for an adult who is suffering from this and need a huge hug.

Where to buy weighted blanket?

You can buy these weighted blankets from the departmental stores which are specialized in this product or from online stores such as; Amazon. These online stores offer these weighted blankets at a very reasonable price.

Many handful companies, which are specialized in weighted blankets are;

  • MOSAIC: as mosaic make weighted blankets for people of every age.
  • GRAVITY: was awarded as one of the best companies in 2019 for the weighted blankets.
  • SENSACALM: they work for the premade and custom blankets both.
  • LAYLA: they are specialized in the pillows and mattresses.

A weighted cowl is often calculable to a personal, which suggests it won't very follow your current sofa-bed. The sweeping can most likely apply delicate, even strain to your body, which is more and more powerful once it fits you cozily. However, weighted covers in addition exist in sizes that match run of the mill beddings, if that's what you're checking out.

What are weighted blankets made up of?

Many weighted blankets are filled with glass and plastic beads in order to make them heavier than the standard blankets. Although there are many more blankets available in sizes like padded with polyester fiber.

Some of the commonly used materials embrace cotton, polyester, fleece, flannel, and minky. The best cloth for a blanket simply depends on preference and specific desires of the customers.

The people who usually sleep longer than the normal would possibly like a breathable cotton mix as a material of these blankets. This helps them to keep to remain warm during the cool and breezy winter nights.

What are weighted blankets made up of


Typically, the most commonly used fillers are plastic poly pellets and small glass beads. Plastic fillers aren't typically as hard as glass beads, therefore a lot of them have to be constrained to reach the required weight. Generally, they contain trace amounts of poisons however not in dangerous quantities. Also, plastic fillers are cheaper than glass beads, so often, blankets with pellets are less costly.

Micro glass beads are hypo-allergenic and poison free, however they have an inclination to be a little bit expensive. Glass beads are stuffed together in a better way, creating it a preferred selection for cooling blankets or users who CHOOSING THE CORRECT BLANKET

  • When in doubt, a weighted cover ought to be 5 to 10 percent of your body weight. The weighted cover should likewise fit cozily to the size of the bed.
  • Grown-ups can utilize medium-enormous weighted covers going from 12 to 30 pounds.
  • For a 20-to 70-pound youngster, a little weighted cover ought to weigh from 3 to 8 pounds.
  • For a 30-to 130-pound youngster, a medium weighted cover ought to weigh from 5 to 15 pounds.
  • More established grown-ups might need to utilize little or medium weighted covers going from 5 to 8 pounds.

Cleaning your weighted blanket must be one of the problems for you. In spite of the fact that weighted covers are normally one piece, others break into pieces, with an internal, weighted layer and a delicate external spread. The two parts are normally launder able, and a spread offers greater adaptability with regards to style and shading. The spread likewise dries more rapidly than the across the board cover. Don’t need to urge hot at night time.


Weighted blanket comparison charts you can use to choose the right one weighted blanket for you.

When it involves finding your own weighted blanket, there are many factors to contemplate. First, you would like a blanket that’s roughly ten percent of your weight. As an example, for somebody World Health Organization weighs a hundred and fifty pounds, a 15-pound blanket would be best. If you fall in between the quality weights of blankets, it’s higher to settle on the heavier possibility.


Although weighted blankets are available in many various forms of material, similar to the other. Ensure you decide on a cloth that you simply like, and, if you've got sensory problems, won’t cause irritation. A similar goes for the blanket’s filling: a mix of beads and cotton can feel a lot of ancient, whereas a filling entirely of beads or discs are a lot of intense, nearer expertise.


One question can arise in your mind that we are saying it relax your body and give you relief from insomnia, anxiety and restlessness and these kind of medical issue but like how it work so here is it;

The body contains multiple deep bit pressure receptors that communicate with the system.

The same means that a cheerful hug will ease worries, or the means swaddling a baby will scale back fussiness, thus weighted blankets additionally calm and reassure through light, firm pressure. Deep bit pressure (DTP) will scale back Cortef levels and increase hormone levels, as well.

This means calmer nerves and higher sleep!


Next question can come into your mind that what is the evidence which can prove that a weighted blanket remove anxiety and insomnia. The Weighted blankets are crammed with plastic or glass pellets that build them significant — imagine the lead vest you wear throughout dental X-rays, on a bed-sized scale. They vary from five to thirty pounds, and followers say they will ease anxiety and assist you get a decent night’s sleep. (Manufacturers usually advocate adults use a blanket that’s adequate 100% of their weight.)

Search on-line and you’ll realize dozens of weighted blankets available. Studies of their effectiveness, although, are tougher to return by. Takeaways from the few that are done include:

  • In one study of thirty two adult volunteers, sixty three according lower anxiety once lying underneath a 30-pound blanket for five minutes.
  • Another study tested weighted blankets in thirty people that had been hospitalized for a mental state crisis, and hour according lower anxiety once victimization the blanket.

Sounds promising, however, it’s approach too early to draw any scientific conclusions, Dr. Bea says. The present studies are tiny and have several limitations, he points out. “There isn’t nice analysis nevertheless that says weighted blankets build a giant distinction.”


While weighted covers can benefit anyone, they're particularly helpful for erratic sleepers. The sweeping delicately pushes on the client, keeping them still and upheld until morning. This alleviating pressure decreases cortisol, the human body's principle stress hormone, and supports generation of serotonin, a hormone related to the sentiments of bliss and prosperity.

Weighted blankets can even alleviate symptoms in individuals littered with sleep disorder, chronic pain conditions or restless leg syndrome. They’re sensible for deeper psychological reasons, too, with potential edges for those littered with depression and, as antecedently mentioned, autism. This is how you can use a weighted blanket.

Triggers happiness hormones: Grounding triggers the discharge of monoamine neurotransmitter, dopamine, and different ‘happiness hormones’ that calm the system nervous and build folks feel additional relaxed. Weighted blankets conjointly promote the assembly of hormone, an internal secretion free throughout foreplay.

Reduces walking episodes: Interrupted or inefficient sleep will cause sleepwalking in adults and youngsters. Weighted blankets cause folks to feel additional relaxed before falling asleep, which regularly results in deeper sleep and additional relaxing nights. As a result, weighted blankets will be terribly useful for sleepwalkers – significantly toddlers and young youngsters.

Weighted blanket for restless legs

Many of you must be complaining of the restless legs, this restlessness can lead you to insomnia. Also, the constant urge to move legs in travel can also be the problematic for you. Weighted blanket can help you with that, like its comfortable for the legs as the weight of the blanket on the legs will make you feel relaxed, although some patients tend to use compression socks to help alleviate the problem.


In addition to advantages for sleepers, weighted blankets may also alleviate stress and anxiety for several. Dentists usually offer weighted blankets to patients so as to alleviate their stress before exams. Physicians have additionally noted that adults and youngsters with sure disorders and medical conditions could like employing a weighted blanket for anxiety. Includes many of the disorders like;

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Poor educational performance could be a common issue among youngsters with attention deficit disorder, and this downside is also combined by lack of relaxing sleep. Once used properly, a weighted blanket for attention deficit disorder cannot solely improve the child’s sleep, however additionally sharpen their focusing skills within the room and boost their grades.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Like ASD, PTSD may be a condition which will scale back monoamine neurotransmitter production levels. By boosting, these monoamine neurotransmitter levels and assuaging stress – a typical symptom of PTSD – weighted blankets will facilitate folks with PTSD improve their overall sleep quality.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): A weighted blanket for the syndrome is effective for many reasons, notably among kids with ASD. People with ASD usually have below-average 5-hydroxytryptamine and endocrine levels, which might result in sleep difficulties. In addition, kids with ASD tend to expertise anxiety, particularly at the hours of darkness.

This list isn't thorough. Medical studies have additionally noted sleep enhancements from employing a weighted blanket among individuals with depression, psychological disorder, obsessional compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s illness, and Eskom syndrome.

Weighted blanket for anxiety

So, you can also say that one of the purposes of these weighted blanket is to reduce the mental disorders in the adults and children. Sleeping beneath these weighted blankets help you to improve your sleep quality and duration as these blankets release happy hormones.

Heavy weighted blanket

Weight can be considered as the most important factor for one of you seeking a weighted blanket. Models of weighted blanket varies from 5 to 30. As more weight can be unpleasant for you that is why it is important to choose a blanket that fits to your needs.


While the advantages of weighted blankets are well documented for adults and kids who is suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, and a lot of – they can become too hot within the summer months or for anyone preferring a cool night’s sleep. Weighted Blankets are the primary weighted blanket designed to stay you cool whereas still providing all of the sensory benefits of a thicker weighted blanket. These weighted blankets may seem hot for you in the summer so there are also alternatives available of these weighted blankets that can keep you cool in the summer.


Sensory sheets can be used in the summer. As they are light weighted and are not too heavy like the weighted blanket. Snuggle Sheets add a similar method as a weighted blanket, victimization the stress of the spandex-hybrid material to form pressure instead of weight. Snuggle Sheets match over the lowest of your bed and pull you down, wrapping around your body and providing the sensory input whereas retentive nearly no heat. The sheets are well-liked for those in heated areas, use throughout the summer, or by anybody stricken by restless leg syndrome by victimization it simply an all-time low half the pad.


The Snuggle Sack works within the same means as a weighted blanket and a Snuggle Sheet however provides an additional fun and moveable possibility for decent weather summer months. Snuggle Sacks offer a cocoon you'll fully escape into whereas providing sensory pressure to assist address anxiety, autism, or different disorders. They’ll look silly, however they work wonders and are fun to stretch, cuddle, and waddle around your home.


Summer Weighted Blankets are designed to be cool. They’re the right weighted blanket for decent weather. They are available in 5 weights: five pound, 10 lb, 14 lb, 18 lb, and twenty two pound in order that they will be utilized by youngsters and adults. Yorkville weighted blankets are cozy and supply weight while not the maximum amount heat.

So we have just talked about the weighted blankets benefits, some of its things related to the medical terms as well, we will guide you more about it, but before doing that I will talk about its some of the maintenance things for you.

How simple is that the blanket to wash? Is it machine washable? Is that the filling drier, safe? Some weighted blankets are fully washable and might be thrown into a home machine or taken to a launderette. Others will solely be spot cleaned.

This is one reason why duvets are common additions to weighted blanket purchases. Merely take off the duvet and toss it into the washer. Duvets will scale back, however typically the blanket itself has to be cleansed.


When buying a weighted blanket and comparison completely different brands and models, here are a number of factors to stay in mind.

What is your weighted blanket budget? Detain mind that the majority weighted blanket price a minimum of $100 once oversubscribed through firms. Non-public sellers on sites like Etsy might value their weighted blankets lower, however, they are not going along with warranties and also the quality is sometimes lower.

How much does one weigh? Use your weight to calculate the foremost appropriate weight for your blanket. Surveys have found that individuals usually feel more snug under a blanket that weighs five-hitter to 100% the maximum amount as they are doing, however testing out completely different models is taken into account the most effective thanks to notice the proper work. Conjointly keep weight loss/gain in mind, because the best suited blanket might amend if your own weight fluctuates.

Are you getting a weighted blanket for your child? In keeping with sleep consultants, kids sometimes feel snug under a blanket that weighs 100% of their own weight. However, kids eight years and younger shouldn't use weighted blankets because of the security risks their gift.

Do you have a medical or psychological condition that will cause discomfort below a weighted blanket? Bound people may feel less comfortable under weighted blankets, like individuals with simple phobia, girls WHO are rummaging change of life, and other people with metabolism and/or circulatory problems.

What is your most popular blanket size? Some sleepers like blankets with borderline coverage, whereas others get pleasure from wrapping themselves in longer, wider blankets. Detain mind that weighted blanket size is sometimes tied to weight; the less a blanket weighs, narrower and shorter it'll be. You will have to be compelled to compromise your dimension and length preferences so as to search out a blanket that weighs the correct quantity.

Do you sleep heat? Many of us sleep too hot or warm, either, thanks to their own vital sign regulation or the composition of their pad (foam and latex sleep hotter than springs). Weighted blankets with covers made from natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to sleep cooler than artificial materials like polyester. For this reason, those who sleep heat are urged to choose a weighted blanket with a fiber cowl.

Does the blanket escort a cover? Take care to scope out the merchandise specs. In some cases, weighted blanket covers are sold on an individual basis from the blankets themselves.

What is your color preference? The Cowl color alternative is solely aesthetic, though some models are on the market in dozens of colors for individuals with completely different tastes and interior decoration arrangements.

Does the weighted blanket escort an endeavor or warranty? Firms that sell weighted blankets typically supply trial periods, which permit purchasers to come back the blanket for a refund inside an exact timeframe, and/or product warranties that defend the blanket from defects. Weighted blankets sold through personal merchants typically escort neither.



Boosts hormone and ‘happiness hormone’ production

Alleviates anxiety and stress

Improves sleep quality for folks with ASD, ADHD, PTSD, and different psychological state conditions and disorders

Wide weight choice obtainable


May not be appropriate for travel (especially terribly serious models)

Children underneath eight mustn't use them while not a prescription

Blankets might cause stress for claustrophobic folks

Price-point typically exceeds


Most weighted blankets are full of plastic, glass, or steel beads that are equally distributed to confirm correct weight distribution. The bad parts are usually silent therefore on not disrupting your sleep. Some blankets forgo the beads and contain alternative weighted filling materials, like glass sand.

In addition to weighted materials, these blankets conjointly feature cloth artifact to produce a layer of cushioning between the beads and therefore the sleeper’s body. Artifact materials could embody polyester, cotton, fleece, or chenille. Some weighted blankets also are designed to be waterproof or water resistant, and should have a layer of moisture-wicking material enclosed with the material artifact.

Most weighted blankets go along with a canopy, which can be removable for laundry or seamed on (allowing house owners to clean the complete blanket together). The covers will be made of natural fibers like cotton or wool, artificial materials like polyester or cloth, or cloth blends that incorporate each. Weighted blankets made of natural fibers like cotton or wool are a lot of breathable and have a tendency to sleep cooler, however they conjointly carry the very best price-points. Synthetics like polyester are generally cheaper, however less breathable and significantly hotter.

Other style characteristics of weighted blankets embrace the following:

Weight and weight distribution: The bulk of weighted blankets weighs between 5 and thirty pounds. As mentioned higher than, adults typically feel more snug with weighted blankets that are roughly 100 percent of their own weight. For this reason, most weighted blanket makers supply a good variety of blanket weights. On the opposite hand, some models are available in ‘one-weight-fits-all’ designs; these are often sunray inbound ways that to distribute a lot of or less weight, creating them appropriate for many users in spite of their size.

Size: usually, heavier weighted blankets are wider and longer than lighter ones. Most models are offered in sizes that match common pad dimensions, like sixty inches wide by eighty inches long (which corresponds to a Queen size).

Inner clasps: Some weighted blanket models have internal clasps to stop the {inside} blanket from bunching up inside the quilt and losing its full form.

Cleaning: Some weighted blankets are mechanically cleanable, however, cleansing is mostly counseled for all models to make sure they are not deteriorate too quickly.


Best Weighted Blanket


Our Editor’s choose is that the Gravity Blanket that is sold-out in 15-, 20-, and 25-lb. weight choices for single sleepers. A 35-lb. queen/king size is additionally offered. Customers will make a choice from grey, navy, and white colors.

The blanket’s gridded sewing equally distributes the eco-friendly, non-toxic small glass bead filling. The outer cowl is created from a high-quality velboa plush that's terribly soft and heat, creating it appropriate for people who sleep cold. The outer cowl is removable and may be machine-washed and -dried. Internal clasps keep the inner blanket secured within the plush quilt cover. The inner blanket cowl is created of pure cotton and is breathable and soft enough to use on its own that is right for users World Health Organization tend to sleep hot.

All materials utilized in the Gravity Blanket are hypoallergenic. Gravity offers a 30-night sleep trial and free shipping for U.S. orders.

Good for:

  • Adults and children weighing 150 to 350 lbs.
  • Those who prefer fuzzy, insulating blankets
  • People who normally sleep cold


Most weighted blankets value a minimum of $100 in any size, despite quality or expected lifetime. Our greatest price decide, the Helix Weighted Blanket, is on the market in 10-, 15-, and 20-lb. Designs, all of that are priced at $115 or lower. However, the blanket’s sturdy style and powerful insulating properties build it appreciate costlier models.

The Helix Weighted Blanket is built with a dual-sided cowl. One surface is formed of plush artificial fleece whereas the opposite options sheared polyester microfibers, leading to 2 totally different nonetheless equally cozy textures. The blanket will be washed and dried in machines, as well. A breathable cotton cowl encases the glass beads.

In addition to the blanket’s low price-point, Helix conjointly offers free shipping for all U.S. orders. The merchandise is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and an annual pledge.


  • Adults and children weighing 100 to 200 lbs.
  • Sleepers who enjoy the feel of a fleece blanket
  • People who tend to sleep cold


Most weighted blankets sold-out nowadays are made with glass or plastic beads. Whereas these materials disperse equally for consistent weight distribution, they'll escape the blanket somewhat simply and should cause comfort problems for a few sleepers.

Our Best Luxury chooses is that the Napper from Bearaby, a hand-knitted blanket created with multiple layers of organic cotton. This blanket provides an equivalent advantages a competitor weighted models while not incorporating beads of any kind. This additionally grant the Bearaby blanket larger temperature neutrality, creating it ideal for warm sleepers. Customers will choose between 15-, 20-, and 25-lb. Weights. Seven colors also are obtainable.

The Bearaby web site options a sleep quiz to assist customers find out about weight choices supported their habitus and sleep vogue. The Napper may be washed and tumble-dried in any machine, though' Bearaby notes over one drying cycle is also required. House owners ought to avoid hang-drying, as this will stretch out the fabric and compromise the general form.

Bearaby offers free shipping for all orders, also as fast delivery for one more charge. The Napper is backed by a 30-night sleep trial.


  • Adults and children weighing 150 to 250 lbs.
  • Sleepers who run hot
  • Shoppers who value sustainability


Choosing a weighted blanket supported body-build will be difficult if the model is out there during a restricted vary. The Luna Weighted Blanket addresses this issue by giving 9 totally different weights, starting from five to twenty five lbs. This choice ensures most adults and kids are going to be able to notice an appropriate blanket in spite of their weight.

The Luna Weighted Blanket is built with plastic beads encased during a thick cowl made from sturdy, 400TC organic cotton. Resilient sewing ensures the blanket can equally distribute weight and won’t lose its beads simply. The fabric is additionally extremely breathable, creating the blanket a decent possibility for decent sleepers or people who board hotter environments.

Eight internal hoops hold the blanket in situ. To machine-wash the blanket, merely unfasten and take away the cover. Four color/pattern choices are offered.

Luna offers a 100-night sleep trial for the blanket. One-percent of all sales are given to charities targeted on mental state.


  • Adults and children weighing 50 to 250 lbs.
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Those who like supporting brands with charitable causes


The Vellux serious Weight Blanket – our greatest for Adults decide – is out there in an exceedingly weight vary of twelve to twenty five pounds, that ensures most adults between a hundred and twenty and 250 pounds will notice an acceptable size. Customers also can make a choice of normal and throw sizes, together with six solid colors.

The blanket is crafted with a soft cowl made up of polyester and cotton, and weighted exploitation hypoallergenic vinyl benzene pellets. The devout are often washed in any machine, although Vellux recommends line-drying rather than tumble-drying. The inner shell ought to ne'er be laundered, however, it should be spot-cleaned.

The cover is additionally extremely sturdy because of thick fabric piping on the sides that holds the blanket along and prevents pellets from escaping. Robust handicraft helps defend the baffles of the box-quilted shell, as well.

The Vellux serious Weight Blanket features an affordable price-point altogether sizes. The corporation has committed a donation of $100,000 from sales income to the syndrome Speaks non-profit-making organization.


  • Adults and children weighing between 120 and 250 lbs.
  • Sleepers who prefer blankets with fleecy textures
  • Those who like supporting brands with charitable causes


Many weighted blankets are oversubscribed in sizes that are appropriate for adults and heavier youngsters. The Mosaic Minky Weighted Blanket is our greatest for teenagers choose as a result of it's on the market in 5-, 7-, 10-, and 12-lb. Weights, creating it most fitted for kids advisement fifty to one hundred twenty lbs., in addition as lighter adults.

The blanket contains a plush, rough polyester-minky cowl that has exceptional softness and insulation from the cold. The quilt and inner shell will each be washed and dried in machines. The blanket is weighted with BPA-free and FDA-compliant plastic pellets.

In addition to 3 completely different weights within the children’s size, Mosaic conjointly offers larger, adult-friendly weights for the throw, twin, and full size. Eleven solid-color choices also are on the market. All kids-size blankets are priced at but $125.

Mosaic offers a 30-night sleep trial for the Minky Weighted Blanket.


  • Children weighing between 50 and 120 lbs., as well as adults
  • Those who tend to sleep cold
  • Value seekers

This article covers all the aspects of the weighted blanket which can help you in considering which weighted blanket is good for you and how can you use your weighted blanket. From where you can buy the best weighted blanket. Which weighted blanket is good for adults and children? How this weight blanket will help you in releasing you from medical disorders like insomnia, anxiety, restless nights and legs. These are not just our words but researchers have also agreed upon these aspects that weighted blanket helps you in releasing you from restlessness and giving you a peaceful life and night.