How to care for indoor flowers in winter: necessary tips

How to care for indoor flowers in winter: necessary tips

In winter, most indoor flowers have a dormant part: the plant rests and builds power with a view to begin rising by spring. In winter, flowers require no much less thorough care than at different occasions of the yr. Touchdown could be affected by decrease air temperatures, warmth from batteries, dry indoor, lack of sunshine, and so forth.

Starting housewives have no idea whether or not it’s price replanting indoor flowers in winter, the best way to water them, what is usually required for upkeep, and what situations are thought of snug. The intricacies of care depend upon the kind and number of the plant, however there are a number of normal guidelines. We’ll analyze them within the article.

Is it doable to transplant in winter

Transplanting is required for crops which might be crowded within the earlier pot. Sometimes, this process is carried out each 1-2 years. Many housewives plan it on the finish of winter or the start of spring, because the plant wakes up and begins rising presently. A transplant in the midst of winter is a superb stress for the plant, it’s higher to attend till the tip of February.

Indoor Flowers

Transplanting a flower at house could be very easy:

  • we choose the acceptable soil;
  • purchase a pot barely bigger than the earlier one, at all times with drainage holes;
  • place the drainage layer on the underside of the pot, sprinkle with soil;
  • at some point or a number of hours earlier than transplantation, we moisten the soil with a flower;
  • rigorously take away the roots together with a lump of earth;
  • place the flower evenly in a brand new pot;
  • fill the tank with earth to the identical degree because the earlier time;
  • water the plant after transplantation and provides it a few days of relaxation.

What and the best way to feed

Supplementary diet of indoor crops in winter is a uncommon moderately than vital process. Illiterate high dressing will solely hurt the flower. Because the roots don’t work actively presently of yr, extra substances can merely burn them.

Plants in the house

Fertilizing is related for crops whose flowering happens in winter: azaleas, poinsettias, guzmania, cyclamen, and so forth. They’re fed with particular formulations, in half the dosage really useful and less than as soon as a month. The hostess ought to monitor the situation of the inexperienced pet after the process. If the looks has not worsened, then high dressing can proceed.

Essential rule
High dressing mustn’t include nitrogen. This component is critical in the beginning of the rising season to renew the expansion of inexperienced mass. A flower in winter doesn’t want such fertilizers. In case you stimulate the expansion of shoots, then you may get curves and elongated crops.

Learn how to water

In winter, many crops require a lot much less moisture than with the onset of spring and summer time. Because the flower is in a “sleepy” state, it won’t expend water on its wants. Overflow threatens to rot the foundation system, it could even die. Watering house flowers on common ought to be not more than as soon as per week. The primary indicator is the drying of the topsoil.

Watch the situation of the soil: it should be moistened, however dampness shouldn’t be allowed. You must also keep away from cracking the soil from dryness: moisten it and loosen it barely in order that the roots at all times have entry to oxygen.

Watering flowers

Flowers can react dry to arduous watering. Attempt to stand the liquid for 1-2 days, use filtered or bottled water. Temperature – room.

The quantity of water and the frequency of watering depend upon the air temperature within the room. If the home is at all times scorching, then the hibernation interval of the plant shouldn’t be so pronounced. In species wherein the energetic part happens simply within the winter, watering ought to correspond to summer time requirements.

Attempt to make sure low temperatures for crops that want winter dormancy. Fixed warmth knocks down the life cycle of a flower and depletes it.

Some crops want minimal watering – as soon as each 1-2 months. These are coniferous samples, some bulbous, in addition to cacti and succulents. The latter can usually do with out watering for a very long time.

How usually to spray

If a house flower loves spraying, then don’t neglect this process, particularly in winter, when central heating mercilessly dries the air within the room. If the flowerpot is positioned close to or above the battery, the air round will probably be particularly dry.

Miss Purity Journal recommends cleansing flower pots away from heating techniques, or putting humidifiers close by, for instance, a tray with moist moss and expanded clay.

Dusting leaves

Spray conifers extra usually. Don’t forget to take away mud from the foliage with a moist fabric, because it interferes with the entry of sunshine to the tissues of the plant.

Why leaves flip yellow and fall

As a way to stop important harm to the plant within the winter, you’ll have to rigorously take care of it: defend it from drafts, overdry, rigorously measure a portion of water for irrigation, and don’t forget about spraying.

In winter, leaves of crops flip yellow and dry, fall off, and shoots are stretched? This widespread phenomenon has a number of causes:

  1. The flower lacks daylight.
  2. The air is simply too dry.
  3. The flower is uncovered to drafts, temperature adjustments.
  4. Leaves contact chilly surfaces.
  5. An excessive amount of fertilizer utilized.

A small quantity of dried and yellow leaves on a plant in winter is pure ageing. They only break off. And if yellowing assumes a large-scale nature, it’s time to take note of all situations of the flower.

Yellowed leaf

The answer to the principle issues:

  1. Tropical crops want extra humidification. Humidity in a room with operating batteries can drop to a important degree. Since flowers obtain moisture not solely from the soil, but additionally from their air, usually spray them with smooth and heat water from a sprig bottle. Dieffenbachia, spathiphytum, and dracaena are the primary to react to dry winter.
  2. The quantity of sunshine is determined by the situation of the flower. Whether it is at relaxation, then bizarre daylight are adequate. Many tuber crops usually transfer to a darkish place till the tip of winter. If the winter is the rising season, then you must arrange a further gentle supply. On common, one other 2-Three hours of lighting is sufficient.
  3. On the time of airing, plantings are taken out of the room.
  4. In order that the flowers on the windowsill don’t freeze, they’re positioned in a heat tray, a layer of sawdust is added.
  5. It’s higher to undernourish the plant in winter than to kill it with extra fertilizer.

A flower in winter additionally wants care, because it does at different occasions of the yr. Figuring out the specifics of the species and selection and bearing in mind the situations within the room, even a newbie will address the content material of the plant. And the final tip: if you’re not assured in your talents, then for starters, select crops which might be straightforward to look after. These are ficuses, geraniums, petunias, bulbous, some cacti and succulents, unpretentious coniferous timber and shrubs.

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