Front thermometer: 3 reasons to choose this modern and efficient thermometer

Front thermometer: 3 reasons to choose this modern and efficient thermometer

All about the forehead thermometer

There are several ways to take body temperature, but not all have the same use. Among our different thermometers, the front model is suitable for all professionals health or individuals at home. The front thermometer also exists for babies and in infrared version (contactless) for better accuracy.

What are the different categories of front thermometers?

We can distinguish 2 types of front thermometers :

The contact thermometer

  • Electronic, it measures the temperature as soon as it is in contact with the forehead and works with batteries.

The contactless thermometer

  • This is necessarily infrared. It works with batteries and allows you to take the temperature remotely (between 1 and 4 cm from the target). The forehead thermometer also calculates the temperature of liquids or objects. An ideal thermometer to take the temperature of your bath water.

3 reasons to buy a forehead thermometer

reason 1Simple, it is intuitive to handle

The forehead thermometer requires little manipulation unlike other thermometers. From the button on the device, just press it before taking the temperature, wait a few seconds and the result is displayed directly. Some models like the Beurer FT 70 multifunction thermometer provide additional comfort thanks to a large, easily readable screen. In addition, a visual and auditory alarm alerts you when the temperature is too high. Some front thermometers have in particular a voice function, which makes them very easy to use and accessible to all.
Beurer FT70 forehead thermometer

The Mediprem 2-in-1 thermometer is also very practical, it has dual frontal and ear functions. It is an innovative and one of a kind product. You will find this product exclusively on Girodmedical.

Mediprem ear and forehead thermometer

Due to its compact shape, this type of thermometer is shock resistant and easy to transport. You can store it in your toiletry bag to monitor your temperature while traveling and traveling.

reason 2Efficient, it gives the temperature quickly

As the Colson’s front electronic thermometer you obtain the result of your temperature in a few seconds after a simple sweep on the frontal zone.

Colson Flash Temp Front Electronic Thermometer

For babies, front thermometers are very practical, because they allow you to give a measurement in 3 seconds. It is therefore not necessary to undress the child during the measurement. In order not to rush the child, the non-contact infrared thermometers guarantee you an efficient temperature measurement while your child is asleep. Thanks to the backlight on the screen of most devices, you can even read your measurements at night.

They trusted us for the Colson Flash Temp front electronic thermometer:
braun ear thermometer

reason 3Reliable, you get a precise measurement result

This model of thermometer is intended to provide accurate data on body temperature in children and adults. The most reliable measurement is when the forehead thermometer is oriented towards the selected area, without obstacle between the device and the individual.

The forehead thermometer is also very practical since some devices have a large memory capacity capable of recording the last 30 measurements.

How to measure the frontal temperature?

  • First of all, before you start, you will need to make sure that the individual’s forehead is clear and wipe the sweat off with a towel. We advise you to tie your hair. In which case the measurement could be distorted.
  • For the use of a forehead thermometer, you can simply position it facing your forehead, or that of the individual, for a few seconds and let the thermometer automatically display the results.
  • After a few seconds, the forehead thermometer accurately and precisely displays the individual’s body temperature on a screen.
  • It will be necessary to think of positioning the sensor of the device in parallel with the forehead of the individual while keeping a distance between the device and the forehead (between 3 and 7 cm).
  • If you need to perform several uses in a row, it is advisable to wait 15 to 20 seconds between each measurement.
  • Finally, for the maintenance of the forehead thermometer, remember to clean the appliance.

What is the best forehead thermometer 2020?

Come and discover on Girodmedical our selection of reliable front thermometers, efficient and innovative.

Braun NTF3000: a high-end thermometer with an excellent quality / price ratio!

thermo 3

The Braun NTF3000 thermometer revolutionizes classic models. This model is original and is very appreciated by pediatricians.

It has various very practical functions for the user, it is easy and quick to use and the result is displayed in less than 2 seconds. The fever is indicated by a color code to interpret the result safely. It has a backlight mode for night use when the baby is sleeping. It is the first thermometer with dual technology, contact mode and no front contact for the whole family.

Sanitas SFT 65: multifunction thermometer

thermo 2

The Sanitas SFT 65 intended for the whole family allows to take the temperature of the human body in a few seconds by inserting it in the ear or by placing it on the forehead. It also allows you to measure the temperature of objects and liquids. When your child sleeps, it is still possible to take his temperature. The fever is indicated by a color code to interpret the result safely. 30 backups are possible with this front thermometer.

2 in 1 Mediprem contactless and ear thermometer


This thermometer is ideal for quick and precise temperature measurement. Front use is possible for all ages from 3 months. This thermometer has a storage capacity for 20 recordable data. In addition, an alert sounds when it detects fever (6 short beeps).

Infratemp contactless infratemp 2: fast and efficient thermometer

thermo 1

This thermometer allows a quick and efficient temperature measurement. It has a memory of 32 backups, you can use it in a dark room when your baby is sleeping thanks to the LED light. This thermometer model is ultra-compact and allows easy transport and storage.

Colson flash Temp front electronic thermometer


This infrared thermometer can measure the temperature in adults, children and also objects. An audible and light indicator sounds when it detects a fever. In addition, it remembers the last 30 measurements. It stops automatically after 60 seconds of non-use.

Are you still hesitating? Do not wait any longer and consult our different types of front thermometers at the best price on our Girodmedical website.

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