Coffee with milk and caramel

Coffee with milk and caramel

Due to this recipe, you can also make espresso with selfmade caramel in just some minutes. A sizzling milk drink is fragrant and candy.

Caramel Coffee

  • Recipe creator:
  • After cooking you’ll obtain 2 servings
  • Complete recipe preparation time:
    5 minutes


  • Sugar Three tsp

  • Water 1 tsp

  • Immediate espresso 1¹⁄₂ tsp

  • Milk 350-370 ml

Cooking methodology

  • Pour sugar right into a small saucepan and set on hearth.

  • With out stirring, wait till the sugar has dissolved.

  • When the mass turns gentle brown, add water. Stir and take away from warmth.

  • Pour the syrup into two cups and dissolve the espresso in it.

  • Heat milk, pour into cups and blend.

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