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In case you have a baby or a cat, conserving a cash tree at dwelling just isn’t price it. And it isn’t about superstitions. The plant is toxic, however toxins are harmful solely after they enter the abdomen. An grownup is not going to style the juicy leaves to style, and a child or a cat could also be considering a fats lady. In some other case, the cash tree is a superb selection. This plant appears to be like spectacular, unpretentious, as well as, they are saying, brings good luck.

Fats lady – the talisman of well-being

Cash tree just isn’t for nothing known as cash. Indicators declare that this plant attracts power monetary flows into the home. The bigger and more healthy the tree, the extra earnings you may have.

However shopping for an grownup fats lady just isn’t price it. Certainly, luck awaits exactly the one who raised the tree, cared for him. So purchase a small plant, however somewhat ask for a rooted seedling as a present.

Based on indicators, the perfect possibility is “theft”. In case you have rich acquaintances, flower growers, ask them for a sprig of fats. Solely you have to break it off, furthermore, invisibly to the house owners. Ask them to go away the room for a second and take a sprout. So that you get a bit of luck to the house owners of the fats lady.

Develop a tree, patiently take care of it, and your earnings will develop together with a fats lady.

Money tree decorated with coins.

Tips on how to reveal the magic properties of a tree?

For optimum impact:

  • plant the plant in an costly pot;
  • select a container of crimson coloration – it symbolizes growth, motion ahead, prosperity;
  • enhance the tree with banknotes, crimson ribbons, ornamental cash;
  • put cash on the underside of the pot, along with pebbles and expanded clay.

When watering a tree or wiping leaves on it, inform the fats lady your wishes. However keep away from negativity, use solely constructive language. You’ll be able to’t say: “I am in a difficult period, I don’t have money, I want this to end.” It’s essential to say: “I will soon change my life: I will find a good job, I will move to a comfortable apartment, I will buy a car.”

In search of a spot for a cash tree, select the southeastern a part of the room – that is the place the wealth zone is situated. She might be in any room – and in the lounge, and within the bed room, and even within the kitchen. The one exception is the doorway corridor. On this room, power flows “flow” out of the residence, which implies that cash is not going to arrive, however lower.

If you wish to put a fats lady within the rest room, ensure that all of the faucets are working. Always dripping water will “wash off” the cash.

Plant care

Cash tree is sort of unpretentious. The plant doesn’t like stuffiness and warmth, extreme humidity. The fats lady tolerates reasonable drafts simply, however extreme temperature drops will decelerate the event of the plant. Perfect temperature – 20–25 aboutFROM.

You don’t want to place a fats lady within the solar – this flower doesn’t tolerate direct daylight. However the plant doesn’t just like the thick shadow. It’s higher to decide on a spot the place subtle daylight falls, for instance, on a stand subsequent to the window.

Water the flower solely because the earthen coma dries out, however spray it each day. You’ll be able to wipe the leaves with a humid sponge – so they’ll shine fantastically.

Crassula is sick

What to do if the tree is sick?

If the fats lady begins to fade, you can’t throw it away. Attempt to treatment the plant: change the watering regime, transplant, feed with fertilizers. In any case, the cash tree isn’t just a decorative plant, it’s a talisman. You should deal with him with respect and care.

However you may’t hold a dried plant within the residence. If the fats lady couldn’t be cured, break off a department from it and root it. So that you save monetary fortune in the home. And the lifeless plant should be thrown out, simply don’t forget to thank him for his assist. You’ll be able to’t hold a dried-up cash tree at dwelling – so that you scare away luck.

Observe these easy guidelines, and a fats lady will deliver luck and prosperity to your private home.

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