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Sneakers today can be called the most popular shoes that young people are ready to wear even with a business suit. However, the time comes when the owner asks himself: how to clean the white sole? Despite the apparent practicality and convenience, keeping track of such shoes is quite difficult. Unlike shoes that are just brushed with cream, shoes with rubber soles, especially white, need to be washed. But even if you wipe the sneakers after each walk, the problem of dirty soles will not disappear, because without a thorough cleaning they just turn yellow!

The easiest and safest way to return the sole to white is to dry clean, where not only will the rubber be torn off to the color of snow from the top of the mountain, but all other areas will not be forgotten to clean. As a result, you get sneakers in almost perfect condition.
If for some reason you can’t turn to professionals, then below are some popular ways to whiten sneakers and sneakers.

Before returning the sole to white, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. Thus, you will remove the adhering and dried up dirt, all that remains is to eliminate the unpleasant shade.

Ways rarely used

A washing machine is the easiest, but essentially the most useless way to clean shoes. Sneakers and sneakers are loaded into the machine disassembled: without insoles, laces and other removable parts. The mode for washing should be selected delicate with the least number of turns. After the procedure, the shoes are dried naturally or with special shoe dryers. Drying with a hairdryer or near the battery is strictly prohibited: this leads to deformation. It is unlikely that you will begin to wear “chewed” gym shoes after that.

Disadvantage: it is almost impossible to whiten the shoes to their original state.

Eraser is the strangest and most tedious way. However, it works, that is, as a result, you get a white sole without the use of water. The disadvantages include the amount of time you have to spend on whitening. Yes, and then hands will require care. One pair of shoes requires a rather large eraser, but if the sole is grooved, you will have to use small pieces that can whiten the thinnest and smallest notches.


The most effective methods that will return the sole to its original form

You can use cleaning products. By them are meant:

  • Toothpaste;
  • dentifrice;
  • washing powder;
  • baking soda.

Each of these tools has its followers who claim that the rest are worthless. However, regardless of which powder or paste you choose, the process itself is the same: with a brush, you rub the product on the sole until it turns white, then wash off the rest of the product with a damp cloth. Most often, the result does not depend on the cleaning product, but on how much you tear the sole.


An old toothbrush with fairly stiff bristles is best.

If bleach works with clothes, returning pristine whiteness to it, why not try it on rubber? Before using this method, apply a drop of the product to an inconspicuous area and wait at least an hour. Many bleaches leave cracks or pores on the sole, due to which it becomes very fragile and quickly wears out. But if at the trial place there were no such problems, then the bleach is diluted with water according to the instructions. For faster achievement of the goal, it is better to use a dose of 2 times more. Shoes in this solution should be for several hours, every hour you can take out and see if the white sole is enough. By the way, only the sole should be in the liquid, but not the upper part of the shoe. Liquid bleach can not be diluted with water, but simply applied to a damp cloth and wipe the surface.


Use rubber gloves so that the product does not corrode the skin on your hands.

Cleaning the white sole of a sneaker
Acid or acetone works in approximately the same way as the previous method: first try the product in a small area, and if there is no visible damage, proceed to a full cleaning. Apply liquid to a damp cloth and wipe the sole. In cases of using citric acid, it is better to use a toothbrush and do not dilute the powder with water, only wash off the residue at the end.
The recipe for a solution that will help whiten the sole: water and table vinegar are mixed in a 3: 1 ratio.

White sole boots

Is it always possible to wash sneakers?

Most often, even the dirtiest sneakers should only be thoroughly cleaned so that they look like brand new. This may work with old shoes, where the rubber has become a lemon shade. But, unfortunately, yellow can not always be cleaned even in dry cleaning.

Usually a dirty yellow tint is obtained due to dust and stubborn dirt. This is easy to fix. But, for example, if you constantly dry sneakers near the battery, the sole will also turn yellow, but it will not work to bleach it anymore. The same effect will be if the sneakers stand for several days in the bright sun. To avoid this, be careful with shoes and wash them more often.

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