4 ways to update your favorite boots

Sooner or later, the owners of a pair of fashionable boots or shoes have a problem – they need to restore suede shoes that were so beautiful and elegant, but – alas – lost their impeccable look. Even if such shoes were carefully looked after, over time it can still change its color, acquire unnecessary shine, and in some places lose lint. In order for these problems to arise as late as possible, you need to understand that a texture such as suede needs a special treatment.

How to care for suede shoes?

Deep color, velvety surface, softness and plasticity – all these qualities have made suede shoes a favorite of fashion. In order for it to remain so in everyday use, not to suffer from exposure to reagents, frequent changes in weather, proper care is necessary. Natural suede is a fairly hardy material; it, like leather, which is derived from it, allows very good air permeability.


You should not wear such shoes or boots in rainy weather or at a temperature below 30 ° C, especially if they are not made of natural material.

After buying such a pair of shoes, you need to apply a special spray on it to protect against the effects of adverse factors: dust, wet snow, salt, dirt. It is sprayed repeatedly, between the sprayings the shoes should dry well in order for the spray to absorb.

Suede shoes in a puddle

Solving problems with suede shoes

Everyone can restore suede shoes independently. It is advisable to pre-purchase paint to restore color in the form of a spray and a special brush to care for suede and nubuck. This brush combines a dusting sponge, a brush to restore lint, and an eraser to remove stains.

Problem number 1 – the shoes are very dirty

This problem is solved simply – it is enough to wipe the steam with a soapy solution with the addition of ammonia (1 part ammonia 5 parts water), then rinse with cold water and wipe with a dry cloth. In no case should you dry such boots or boots near a heater or battery. You need to use special shoe dryers that gently and delicately distribute heat, or the old, but no less true, old-fashioned method – to stuff shoes with newspapers.


You can replace the soap with a powder for delicate washing.

Ready-made products for removing dirt from a fleecy surface are on sale. This is an aerosol cleaner foam that does not damage the structure and color of the material. Using it is very simple. Foam is sprayed onto suede shoes, aged for several minutes, and then removed with a cloth along with dirt and dust. With the help of such a cleaning, you can return the suede to its previous appearance, which suffered from intense wear.

Suede shoes have lost color

Problem number 2 – suede has lost its former color

To solve this problem is not at all difficult, you can restore the previous color with a special spray, selected by tone. It is inexpensive, sold in every shoe store. The spray is sprayed at a distance of 20-25 cm from the boots or shoes, then the surface is dried, and we can assume that the previous look and bright deep color returned. After correctly staining the pile will have to be raised with a special brush.


After spraying the spray, microscopic spray spots may remain on the floor, so it is better to cover it with oilcloth, old newspapers or transfer this procedure to the street.

If suddenly the store did not have the spray of the desired color, as a short-term alternative, you can use coffee grounds for brown boots and talcum powder for white ones. At-hand tools are applied to the painted surface, then the excess is removed with a dry and soft brush.

Shoe Suede

Problem No. 3 – scuffs appeared on suede shoes, the pile shines

Glossy spots and scuffs are nothing but an adhering pile, the restoration of which is necessary without damaging the structure of the material. To do this, in the home arsenal there are simple and affordable means.

  • You can remove scuffs by rubbing the glossy surface with a solution consisting of a glass of milk and a teaspoon of soda.
  • Clean shoes are wiped with fine dry table salt.
  • In order to restore the pile, you can wipe the scuffs with a solution of vinegar (1: 4). Everything is washed with clean water, and then again with a vinegar solution, but already much weaker – a teaspoon of vinegar per liter of water.


To restore the fresh appearance of the velvety surface, you can carefully steam it over a boiling kettle or using a steam generator.

After such procedures, you need to treat problem areas with a special brush to restore a homogeneous material structure.

Spots on suede boots

Problem number 4 – spots appeared on the suede surface

Not only boots, shoes and shoes can suffer from stains – bags and gloves are much more prone to pollution. Greasy spots are a particular danger, however, and can be effectively combated. A grease stain can be removed using refined gasoline (the so-called Galosha gasoline), treating the surface with a cotton swab and then sprinkling it with ordinary talcum powder. In a few hours, talcum powder absorbs fat dissolved with gasoline. Talc residues are removed with a soft brush.


You can try to remove the stain with an ordinary school eraser, just gently rubbing the affected surface with it.

To remove stains from such shoes, you can purchase a stain remover for suede and nubuck. The product is applied to the stain, kept for some time, the remnants of the stain remover are removed with a brush. The fleecy surface is restored by combing or with a special eraser.

In order to wear suede shoes for a long time and with pleasure, you must not expose it to intense moisture, clean and fix problems on time. You can update your favorite shoes or ankle boots, using special devices and care products that will help return the shoes to almost original appearance.

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